Sharon Kritzer

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Sharon Kritzer - deceased
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: None known
Affiliations: Mistra
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: 1, 2004

Sharon Kritzer first worked for Mistra, then against them. Her willingness to go to unacceptable lengths caused her to fall out with her colleagues in the 'resistance', leading to her death.


Names: Sharon Kritzer

Aliases: None known

Occupation: Formerly a member of the Mistra conditioning staff, later a colleague of Colin MacInnis as he worked to undermine the organization.

First appearance: May 1, 2004

Family: None known.


Sharon Kritzer worked for Mistra for a number of years as a member of their conditioning staff, making use of her psionic abilities to help prepare operatives for the field. Around the same time that MacInnis left Mistra, she severed her ties with them as well and later worked with her old colleague to free operatives from Mistra, investigating various ways of undoing the conditioning. She was successful with a number of second-generation operatives, but was unable to find an experimental subject from among the first-generation operatives, as their conditioning was far more robust and none at all left the Mistra fold - until Nathan.

Over the course of years she developed a Trojan Horse, a psionic worm program that would destroy the conditioning of a telepathic first-generation operative and then use his telepathy to jump to any other operative within his range, taking out their conditioning as well. When MacInnis had Nathan kidnapped, she implanted the program in his mind over the course of a weekend. When he was first recaptured by Mistra, then retrieved by the X-Men before the Trojan Horse could be triggered, she joined MacInnis in trying to convince Charles Xavier to send Nathan back to Mistra so that the plan could proceed. Xavier realized that she was not being entirely truthful and Kritzer, reluctantly, revealed that as a result of triggering the Trojan Horse, Nathan would die. It would destroy his own conditioning without harming him, but the psionic feedback created when it used his telepathy to jump to other operatives would destroy his mind. MacInnis, who had been completely in the dark about this consequence, turned on her, giving Xavier the phrase to trigger the Trojan Horse under shielded conditions. He escorted her off the mansion grounds and later had Jason Elliot, another of his telepaths, wipe her memory of everything critical to his operation and sent her back to Mistra, where she was apparently killed.


Kritzer was a broad-spectrum psi with both empathic and minor telepathic abilities.


Trojan Horse



Formerly socked by: Alicia