X-Men Mission: Plant Life

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X-Men: Plant Life
Dates run: April 17, 2004
Run By: Unknown
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A missing child and accelerated plant growth in a town in Iowa alerts Charles Xavier to a possible mutant manifestation, and he sends a team to investigate.


Storm, Nightcrawler, Cannonball, Meltdown


April 17, 2004

Plot Summary

A news report from Scoville, Iowa, has Xavier sending a team to locate a missing child and investigate the strange plant growth phenomenon in the woods outside of town. Storm and Meltdown met with the Drews and community members while Cannonball and Nightcrawler searched for Colleen. Their mutations made it possible for them to bypass the massive overgrowth and find the girl. They convinced her to return home voluntarily while Storm and Meltdown counselled the Drews on the nature of manifestation and possible changes in their daughter. Colleen was reunited with her family and chose to stay with them at this time. Arrangements were made for contact with local mutant resources.

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Colleen Drew's mutation allowed her to control the growth rate of plants.


Plotrunner: unknown