Alexei Vazhin

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Alexei Vazhin
Portrayed by Chris Cooper
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: GRU (Russian Intelligence)
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Oct 22, 2006

Colonel Alexei Vazhin is a high ranking GRU officer, nominally in charge of mutant related activities inside and which effect the Russian Federation.


Name: Alexei Nikolaivich Vazhin

Aliases: None

Occupation: Colonel of the Glavnoe Razvedyvatel'noe Upravlenie (GRU)

First appearance: Oct 22, 2006

Family: None


A man from an anonymous background who would rise to a top position in Russian Intelligence. Originally from the Black Sea, Alexei Vazhin was sent to live with his uncle in St. Petersberg (then Leningrad) while a teenager, in hopes of increasing his chances for better schooling and opportunities.

Vazhin scored high enough to qualify for a top position in university, but instead joined the Russian army. The uniqueness of his decision earned him enough flexibility to move almost immediately into full Spetnaz training. He completed with honours, graduating out as a signal officer and put into duty. He served more than three years in Afghanistan, from 1981 to 1984, one of the few officers to earn distinction for his successes. A hit on his BMP badly wounded him, and cost him sight in his right eye.

The KGB took notice of the young officer, and following his injury, had him transferred to intelligence training. The same cunning and adaptability that had made him so successful against the tribal Afghani forces earned him a respected place in the agency, and many foriegn agents found themselves overmatched by the Russian officer.

With the disbanding of the KGB following the dissolution of the Soviet Bloc, Vazhin moved into the GRU, and through considerable effort, managed to keep not only the agency active, but actually charged with oversight on the successor intelligence agencies; the FSB and the SVR. Vazhin's position is such that he can call on or investigate any aspect of either agency to further his own work. He is extremely close with both the President and with the commanders of the military, and his powerful connections protect his often unorthodox solutions.

Vazhin's current position involves many aspects of the rising mutant question, from uncovering and dealing with 80 years of Soviet experimentation to attempting to resurrect a Russian mutant team, along the lines of the old Red Guard program. Always a pragmatist, Vazhin isn't above holding dangerous secrets from his superiors, or quietly destroying the results of programs that could led to serious misuse. While canny, brilliant, and occasionally vicious, Vazhin does have a strong core of personal beliefs, and uses that to guide his decision making more than his patriotism at times.

Phase 1

Over the years, Vazhin made contact with the X-Men and X-Force on several occasions, usually in secret. X-Force's cooperation in particular was secured by a bargain made in exchange for the freedom of [[Illyana Rasputin][], who Vazhin caught going through confidential documents at one point. Illyana was paroled to X-Force, who, in return, became one of Vazhin's international resources for dealing with mutant issues. It was a tense relationship, to say the least.

Phase 2


None. Vazhin does have the authority to call forces of the SVR and FSB to assist him, as well as a certain level of military assistance. He has several roaming agents who he can call on at any time.


Phase 1

Operation: Flesh Mechanic

Operation: Xorn

Our Hell

Operation: Cruel Country

X-Men Mission: Opera Redux

Operation: зимний солдат

Phase 2


PB: Chris Cooper

Socked by: Dex