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Note from Toby: Jumping on the proverbial bandwagon too. Not that there's going to be too horribly many surprises in this man's life (after all, boys like him have their entire lives planned out for them from birth)

"Just another normal day at Worthington Industries" Warren muttered, thumbing through a stack of legal documents that were stacked on his desk. "I'm never going to get through all of these in time...."

As if to confirm his feelings of annoyance, his telephone began to ring and Warren looked at the offending piece of technology with a reproachful look

"Oh, you just couldn't leave well enough alone..." he said, picking up the handset.

"This is Warren." he said into the handset, taking the standard clipped tones he'd learned to use in the world of big business.

As he heard the deep voice on the other end, a broad smile broke across the mutant's still-handsome features and the anger of the day melted away.

"Yes, I'm trying to get everything wrapped up here before I g-" he began, being cut off as the person on the other end spoke again. "Yes, I've got it all taken care of! I will be home as soon as I can, Piotr. Alright? Bye."

He smiled as he looked at the picture on his desk of the two of them at 26. They were both in tuxedos and obviously having the time of their lives. But then again, what did you expect for them to look like on the day they finally married? Yes, the day had been somewhat marred by the scandal in the tabloids, and Illyana had done her best to make sure that their wedding would be as awkward as possible. All that had been forgotten, however, when Warren had looked into his husband-to-be's eyes and heard Piotr say the words he'd been waiting nearly six years to hear. The words 'I do' said in that sexy-as-hell accent of Piotr's.

The next picture was of Warren and Piotr each holding a baby. It was the day that they'd finally started their family, adopting children who'd been orphaned in the collapse of the Russian government (yet again) at Illyana's request. It had been a way of trying to heal the rift that Warren and Piotr's marriage had caused between brother and sister. Now it was the day of the twins' fifth birthday. My how the years had flown by. This was a big day for any child, and here Warren was stuck at the office.

With a sigh, he looked at the stack of documents he had to get finished by the end of the day and started to work again. He would try to get finished in time, but if not...well, it wouldn't be the first time that Daddy Warren had let the kids down.