Arthur Molekevic

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Dr. Arthur Molekevic
Portrayed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Known Aliases: Moleman
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: Any Port in a Storm

I would expect more perspicacity from Franklin's daughter, but then, he failed to see the benefit in my work like all the others."

A former co-worker of Dr. Franklin Storm, Dr. Molekevic's obsession with finding the mythical realm of Atlantis and hatred of his former colleague pushed him into experimentation on mutants and eventually to become the villain known as Moleman.


Name: Dr. Arthur Molekevic

Aliases: Moleman

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: Any Port in a Storm

Family: Unknown


A brilliant scientist and researcher, Arthur Molekevic never quite fit in with the other kids. They say these things get easier with age but even at MIT Arthur was the odd one out. He didn’t quite know how to interact with his peers. Social situations were a complete disaster. As a result Arthur continually withdrew. He threw himself into his studies and his research. He had a reputation for being creepy and awkward amongst other students. Even his professors found the young Molekevic somewhat unnerving and off putting, but he was dedicated and brilliant so they forgave him his social inequities.

Dr. Molekevic was a much sought after scientist within a few years of his graduation from grad school. He had published several papers on theoretical stem cell research and AI that some found pioneering but others found unrealistic. Still, his vision and ambition combined with his intellect and high praise from his professors went a long way to secure a future for himself.

Eventually Arthur found himself at the Baxter research facility. He became one of their top biological researchers. As such, he was given considerable leeway to pursue his own projects when he had the time away from assigned projects. Those projects, however, involved stem cell research requiring live mutants. The intent of this research was unclear even in the records he was keeping in the lab aside from an indication that he intended to imbue someone or something with the powers of the mutant whose stem cells he was using. When his research was discovered to be using live people he was dismissed from his position by Dr Storm and turned over the the authorities who arrested him.

Unfortunately no-one knew of Dr Molekevic’s powers, and he was able to disappear from prison with no-one any the wiser of how he got out or where he was. After his escape Arthur was furious. He searched for somewhere to continue his work, but the search was futile. So he created his own place. Beneath an old chemical works plant in northern New Jersey he created an underground research compound. To go along with it he also developed some prototype technology to block mutant powers so he could keep his stem cell donors from using their powers against him.

With his new set up complete, Dr. Molekevic went to work. He created golem after golem, filling his underground compound with bodies. All the while he worked on his theories. Convinced that the lost city of Atlantis was underground rather than at the bottom of an ocean, he sought to imbue his golems with powers that would enable him to find Atlantis. He would become famous for finding the lost city and maybe find somewhere he belonged deep beneath the earth.

Phase 1

In order to get the golems deep into the earth he would need a way to keep them from being caught in some sort of cave in. What Molekevic needed was some kind of forcefield. A forcefield he knew he could get from Franklin Storm’s daughter who Molekevic had spied practicing her abilities with her younger brother during one of his routine overviews of the Baxter security feeds. Always looking for something to use against Franklin since the man destroyed Arthur’s reputation, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Taking her brother as well would simply allow him to twist the knife in further.

All according to his plan, Dr. Molkevic used thugs to kidnap the Storm kids, Sue and Johnny, from school one day and brought them to his underground research lab. Like with previous mutant victims, he removed some of Sue's bone marrow. Meanwhile, X-Factor investigated the kidnappings at the behest of Charles, as a personal favor to the kids' father. They located the kids and infiltrated Molekevic's lair, making quick work of the golem sentries. However, Dr. Molkevic successfully fled and collapsed the underground tunnels, trapping the kids and two members of XFI (they were later dug out). As a result of the cave-in, Sue unveiled her mutant powers by protecting herself and the others with a forcefield. Molkevic remains at large.

Phase 2


Arthur Molekevic has the power to animate and control the earth. He can shift earth, hurling or displacing it easily. This is how he made his underground lair. Mostly, however, he uses his powers to create golems.

Creating golems requires energy, but so does maintaining them. Molekevic has discovered that if he infuses his golem with organic matter the golem can essentially break down and “digest” that matter to use as an energy source in much the same way people use food for energy. The more complex the organism he drew the matter from the richer the fuel it provided and the more material he infused the longer the golem would live. The power and lifespan of the golem is therefore directly related to what sort of material it has to use as fuel. At the most a golem can live for two days, assuming it was given an entire human body to use as fuel. Molekevic, however, has never done this. Instead he “refills” the fuel sources when the golem seems to be slowing down or “dying.”

Just as the golems can be infused with organic material for fuel they can also be imbued with mutant powers if their systems are infused with mutant stem cells. The strength of the mutant powers is dependent upon what fuel the golem has to burn but is only about three quarters as strong as the original power. Their control is also rudimentary at best. The process is still being worked out and fine tuned.

Molekevic has built upon his power to animate the earth to the level where he can create golems. However he ran into the problem that he was forced to use his own energy reserves to power the golems until he discovered that by infusing them with organic matter allowed them to use that as energy rather than himself. The more complex the organism he drew the organic matter from the longer and more capable the golem would be. He has also developed a process that allows him to imbue the golems with powers by infusing their systems with mutant stem cells. The process is still very rough, and the golems do not possess the full extent of the original mutant's powers.

A limited number of “commander golems” exist. These golems are infused with Molekevic’s own powers in which turn gives them control over a unit of ten golems which have all been infused with various powers by Molekevic. Only two separate powers can be infused into any one golem. Should the original mutant have both a primary and a secondary mutation then the golem receiving that mutant’s stem cells will not be able to be infused with any further powers.


Phase 1

Any Port in a Storm

Phase 2


Socked by: Twiller

PB: Phillip Seymour Hoffman