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Aug 1 - Sins of the Father: Artie emails Amanda a collection of all the reports from the mission to rescue Topaz so she’s in the know; Xavin posts up an update about the powers malfunction that occurred and thanking people for their support.

Aug 2 - Having snuck out of the medlab for a smoke, Amanda runs into Callisto and they chat.

Aug 3 - Rogue texts Tandy to let her know that she’s got her guidance counselor degree and suggests they go shopping to celebrate. Miles saves his boss from being crushed at a worksite and ends up in the news.

Aug 4 - Maya texts Miles letting him know that he had a lucky break and asking him to remember when he’s famous. She also lets people know how restrained she was this week, her pronouncement was met with varying degrees of belief by the mansion. Hope goes to visit Topaz, providing her with the friend she really needs. Wade heads down to Argentina for an undetermined length of time to check on some things and posts to X-Force to let them know.

Aug 5 - Felicia and North do their grocery shopping and act cute.

Aug 6 - Amanda casually moves in with a reluctant Topaz. Tandy texts Topaz to apologize for missing dinner.

Aug 7 - Alex and Sooraya have a strange day in the Underground with a pair of mutant twins. Morningstar: Warren texts Sue to ask inappropriate questions about her sex life.

Aug 8 - Gabriel manages to track down Kevin in his "retirement" and is dissatisfied by the response he gets.

Aug 9 -

Aug 10 - Morningstar: Warren has the worst hangover, and he goes to yell at Jean to fix it before breaking into the medlab for aspirin.

Aug 11 - Maya texts Lorna about work stuff.

Aug 12 - Jean-Paul texts Topaz for a ride from the airport. Clarice posts a video of Brendon Urie singing Ducktales. Morningstar: Miles texts Warren about missing dinner at his parents’.

Aug 13 - Natasha posts a story about the Mayo Clinic holding patients against their will. Logan posts a story about a possible cure for hemophilia and wonders what could be achieved if scientists worked cooperatively with mutants. Bobbi has had a Monday and needs corgi therapy.

Aug 14 - Morningstar: Sharon asks the rest of the medlab staff why Warren would be breaking into medicine cabinets. Bobby is disgusted with the heat and with certain hockey trades.

Aug 15 - An experiment goes awry for Molly and Reed and they literally get stuck in the lab; Logan is reluctant to try to cut them free after previous experiences and gets Sue instead. Amanda and Jean-Paul share some spiked coffee and have a chat about Topaz.

Aug 16 - Rogue and Jean go roller-blading and talk about their respective childhoods.

Aug 17 -

Aug 18 - Sins of the Father: A drugged-up and French-speaking Marie-Ange wants a pirate themed party for her birthday; Topaz texts Amanda wondering what sort of birthday gift says “sorry you lost an eye rescuing me”; Ty emails Topaz suggesting Marie-Ange should meet his parents; Amanda heads down to medlab to visit her best friend and talk over what happened.

Aug 19 -

Aug 20 - Nica asks Scott for permission to join the X-Men.

Aug 21 - Xavin and Tandy go through their first Danger Room session as X-Men and find it’s not as easy as they thought. Nica emails Bobby and Miles about joining the team; later there is celebration with fast food and Nica works out her code-name.

Aug 22 - Maya is curious about Nica’s excitement and Nica tells her about joining the team.

Aug 23 -

Aug 24 - Scott is baffled by the youths' eagerness to join the X-Men; Logan and Rogue discussing going to the cabin to look into things. Morningstar: Warren texts Bobbi to apologize for accidentally leaving her waiting.

Aug 25 - Bobbi and Warren reminisce on their relationship and make some plans for the future.

Aug 26 - Doug helps Marie-Ange back upstairs after she's released from medlab and they talk about the future.

Aug. 27 -

Aug. 28 - Doug posts an i lik bred meme for Marie-Ange.

Aug. 29 - Darcy posts a desperate need for more office supplies.

Aug. 30 - Maya post a quote of the day. Topaz apologizes to Marie-Ange for her part in Marie-Ange's recent eye loss; Marie-Ange is having none of it.

Aug. 31 - Gabriel texts Felicia about Wade leaving money for him. Alex ponders a motorized skateboard.


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