Bio-Hazard Girl

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Bio-Hazard Girl
Dates run: January 16-18 2009
Run By: Jo
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"If I were you guys, I'd just forget this. I mean, look what I did to your pal."

When an area of Texas is declared a bio-hazard site, the X-Men go in to investigate the possibility it's due to a mutant.


Carmilla Black, Crystal Amaquelin, Jean Grey, Jennie Stavros, Kurt Sefton, Monet St. Croix, Suzanne Chan, Theresa Cassidy


January 16-18 2009

Plot Summary

After days of hard rains, runaway, vagrant and thief Carmilla Black got involved in a fight in Houston, TX. During the fight one of the local boys ended up packing a knife and stabbing her. Once stabbed Carmilla defended herself the only way she could and then her toxic blood seeped into the flood waters, creating a bio-hazard area and killing the local wildlife. The story made the national news with the one fatality and the numerous dead animals. Theories about the cause drew in the X-Men when it was rumored that the cause might be a mutant.

The local cops giving the bare minimum of help, the X-Men started the search of the local area. Jennie and Crystal, Monet and Terry and Jean and Zanne didn't have much luck, though thanks to Jean's work at the hospital they knew they were looking for an injured mutant. Kurt found the injured Cammie and summoned Jane and Zanne, who quickly started medical treatment.

Once Cammie regained consciousness she agreed to be taken back to the Institute instead of staying in Texas where the locals might not be so understanding about the cause of the poisoned water and her part in it.

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This plot introduced Carmilla Black.

NPC Socking was done by Rossi and Suzene.


Plotrunner: Jo

This plot was loosely based on one line from Carmilla's entrance into the mainstream marvel universe wherein confronted about an incident in Houston that turned a few blocks and a bar into a bio-hazard zone she simply responds, "Those bikers totally started it."

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)