Bolivar Trask

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Bolivar Trask
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Portrayed by Peter Dinklage
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Biotech
Socked By: Zoila
Introduction: Patent Pending

If we can find them, we can learn more about how they work and develop the means to engage on an equal field.

A geneticist with an interest in the x-gene, Trask believes mutants mark the end of the human race.


Name: Bolivar Trask

Aliases: None

Affiliation: President of Biotech, a subsidiary company of Worthington Industries.

First appearance: July 17, 2015

Family: Unknown


(taken from X-Men Movies Wikia)

Even from his early years as a research assistant, Bolivar always maintained a particular interest in the origin and evolution of humanity. Following in the footsteps of Mendel, Watson and Crick, Trask made it his goal to unlock the mysteries of human DNA. What he did not anticipate was the discovery of the X-Gene, a genetic finding that would prove to be the most significant of the 20th century.

Trask soon hypothesized the impending extinction of the human race. He found a supporter in this belief in William Stryker and the two collaborated to create Biotech, which researches counter measures against mutants. In early 2015, the company was bought by Worthington Industries, and those researches were not only allowed to continue, their funding was increased. Recently, he and Stryker have made a deal with Doctor Octopus to achieve an as-yet-unknown goal.


Baseline human, but with genius level intellect.


Patent Pending

Endangered Species


PB: Peter Dinklage

Socked by: Zoila