Cassandra Complex

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Cassandra Complex
Dates run: May 7, 2004
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: The Cassandra Complex

I see it all, now. They’re all here with me… It was meant to be. I was meant to see this.

The problems with his precognition that brought Nathan to the mansion are resolved in a dramatic and unexpected fashion.


Nathan Dayspring, Charles Xavier, Marie D'Ancato

The Askani


May 7, 2004

Plot Summary

After two months of increasing health problems due to his out-of-control precognition, Nathan has a breakthrough, as one particular vision tells him that his connection to the Askani stems from events in his pre-Mistra childhood. With Marie’s help, he retreats to The Box, where he opens the precognitive link wide open and invites Mother Askani to show him everything. The transfer of memories winds up leaving Nathan with two and a half million Askani voices in his mind. When speaking with Charles on his mindscape afterwards, Nathan informs him that he plans to devote himself to creating a better future, for the Askani and for everyone.

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Nathan’s adaptation to the Askani’s presence in his system was long and difficult. Even before it started to adversely affect his health, the overcharge of psionic energy affected his appetite and sleeping habits (making him feel like he needed considerably less of both).


Plotrunner: Alicia