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William Cross
Portrayed by Craig Daniels
Known Aliases: Crossfire
Affiliations: Biotech
Socked By: Sam
Introduction: Patent Pending

If you walk away now you can live.

Marine turned security consultant, Crossfire is the result of of a Biotech experiment.


Name: William Cross

Aliases: Crossfire

Affiliation: Biotech

First appearance: Patent Pending

Family: Unknown


William Cross was hired as part of Biotech's security in the early 2000's. Recently, he agreed to undergo experimental cybernetic enhancements, making him more than human.

He was sent to kill Jean Grey, and nearly succeeded in killing not only her but also Warren Worthington, until Jean mind-blasted him, causing his computer implant to kick in, and he escaped. His whereabouts are currently unknown.


Baseline human. The cybernetics increased his physical strength, speed, and stamina to three times that of a peak human An ocular implant replaced his left eye that lets him see through walls via x-rays, and feeds his sight back to a central computer system monitored directly by Trask and Stryker. He also possesses a computer implant that serves as a secondary brain; it takes over when Crossfire's nervous system is compromised.


Patent Pending


PB: Craig Daniels

Socked by: Sam

The PB was chosen specifically for his role as cybernetic warrior Bryan Fury in the Tekken movie.