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Project: Deathbird
First Seen: Bhagavad Gita

Deathbird is the name of a secret project started by former Pakistani General Selim Khan. It was a mutant weaponization project, which had acquired a young man with the remarkable power to manipulate matter at the atomic scale. Through a great deal of genetic manipulation, they were success in mutating his body so that he could generate a sizable atomic explosion using his own mass as fuel to begin the reaction.

When General Khan died, control of the program passed to a small cabal of Colonels who had worked with him for many years. The program remained secret until it was attacked and the mutant subject kidnapped. The mutant used his powers to bomb the city of Srinigar in India, almost provoking an all out war in the region.

Calysee Neramani-Khan used the information to seize control of the military faction and nearly seize power, before her links to the group which kidnapped the mutant was revealed. The existence of Deathbird had been uncovered by the Kingmaker through the Russian-Afghani mutant slaving ring they used to acquire the subject.

Since the program came to light, Pakistan has denied any government knowledge of the program, and those connected with it are awaiting trial for terrorism.

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