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First Seen: July 2013


Deli-CAT-essen is the Jewish/Middle Eastern/European deli owned by Sharon Smith in Salem Center. It was purchased for renovations in July 2013 and began hiring in late November. Her loan was secured with the help of Marius Laverne and a co-sign by Charles Xavier.

There is currently a policy in place by which patrons can bring in supplies for the local animal shelter, such as food or toys, and receive discounts on or free desserts at Deli-CAT-essen. The discounts are not fixed and work on a loose barter system. Generally a tin of food is good for a free cookie (to a max of 12), a bag of food/cat litter can be exchanged for a half-dozen cookies/Rice Krispie Squares/Butter Tarts, etc.

Part-Time Employees


  • Weekdays 11am - 10pm
  • Weekends 9am - 10pm



-Breakfast on Bagel (Egg and Bacon)

-BLT Bagel

-Yogurt Parfait

-2 Eggs Any Style, Toast, Coffee (add Bacon, Home Fries, or both!)

-3 Egg Omelette and Toast with Tomatoes or Home Fries

-Challah French Toast with Seasonal Compote, Maple Syrup and Butter

-Charcuterie Hash (with 2 Eggs and Toast)

-Smoked Salmon Breakfast Wrap

-Latke Staker (2 Latkes, Corned Beef, Medium Eggs and Swiss Cheese)

- Salami or Steak and Eggs (with Home Fries and Toast)


-Taco Salad

-Salmon Salad

-Egg Salad

-Chicken Salad

-Cheese Salad

-Greek Salad

-Fattoush Salad (Veggies, Chickpeas, Buttermilk Dressing, and Garlic Pita Chip Pieces)

  • Please ask about our daily and weekly lunch specials *

Hot Sandwiches

-Turkey with Gravy

-Grilled Cheese (Bacon Optional!)

-Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich

-Roast Beef with Gravy

Cold Sandwiches

-Chicken Salad

-The Meow-fuletta (Marinated Olive Salad, Mortadella, Salami, Mozzarella, Ham, and Provolone)

-The Garfield (Lasagna between pieces of Garlic Bread)

-The Worcestershire Cat (Steak with Worcestershire Sauce)

-The Sylvester (Succotash)

-The Catfather (From Heathcliff, Tuna, Tuna, and MORE TUNA!)

-The Pangur Ban (Corned Beef and Cabbage)

-The Schroedinger's Cat (do you get nothing? Or do you get a BLT?)

-The Unsinkable Sam (Liver and Onions)


-Peanut Butter and Jellicle

-The Cheshire Cat (Cheshire cheese and pickles)

-Veggie (Cheese Optional!)


-Beef and Cabbage Borscht

-Chicken Matza Ball


-Bison Reuben Burger

-Swiss Cheese and Grilled Saurkraut

-Chickpea and Almond Burger


-Breaded Veal (Schnitzel)

-Ham Kielbasa

-Potato, Cheese, and Bacon Perogies

-Chicken Kiev


-Rice and Ground Beef Cabbage Rolls

-Meatballs with Mushroom Gravy

-Meatballs with Sweet'n'Sour Sauce



-Rice Cabbage Rolls

-Potato and Cheddar Cheese Perogies

-Potato, Onion, and Dill Perogies




-Cookie (ask for today's varieties)

-Half-Dozen Cookies to Share

-Dozen Cookies to Share

-Butter Tart

-Apple Jack

-Fruit Cup

-Rice Krispie Square

Winter Drinks Menu

-Coffee (Regular or Decaf)




-Hot Chocolate (Regular or White)

-Steamer (Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Toasted Almond, French Vanilla)

-Steeped Tea

-Green Tea

-Catnip Tea

-Coke Products



  • Sandwich names and menu options, as well as the deli's name, chosen by players! Thank you everyone!