Donal McGrath

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Donal McGrath
Donal McGrath.jpg
Portrayed by Michael Steger
Known Aliases: Fiann
Affiliations: Clarent House, The Disciples
Socked By: Walks

A mysterious figure from Jennie's past. Time has revealed him to be the Irish mechanic that stole Jennie Stavros's heart, until he he was taken and recruited by a demon called Mother. Now this former diamond in the rough is currently one of her most sadistic disciples.


Name: Donal McGrath

Codename: Fiann

Age: 28

DOB: March 3rd, 1987

Height/Weight: 6'2" - 195 lbs

Aliases: Domhall Sheehan

Occupation: Mechanic/Member of Clarent House

Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

First appearance:

Family: James McGrath (Father), Lucia Salas-McGrath (Mother), Jennie Stavros (Fiancée)


Born to James, a mechanic, and Lucia, an immigrant from Ecuador, in Dublin, Ireland. An only child, his parents had trouble conceiving before finally having Donal. Donal grew up working class, but had a relatively stable and happy childhood in spite of his family's hardships. That changed at the age of 14, when his mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She died six months later, sending his father into an alcoholic tailspin that only worsened as the years went on. Always on the small side, a few months after his mother's funeral Donal hit a tremendous growth spurt and grew a foot in one summer. He also found that with his newfound height he was stronger and faster than his classmates. Neither he nor his father had an inkling that he might be a mutant until his eyes began to change color, turning from brown to bright red. At the hospital for testing, the nurse was unable to draw any of his blood as it destroyed the needle and melted part of the hopital floor.

Donal found himself at the mercy of his classmates and neighbors, and became a frequent target of anti-mutant hate. In order to spare his son further harassment, Donal's father accepted a job in London in the shop of an old friend from Dublin, and moved soon as a new school term would allow, hoping for a fresh start. Donal was able to hide with the use of color contacts and avoiding sports, but he became sullen and withdrawn. He decided to forgo university even though he had enough A levels to attend, and instead retreated to the safety of the shop where is father worked. Eventually James's alcoholism made him unable to work, and Donal began supporting himself and his father. Donal had resigned himself to spending his days hiding his mutation and scraping away trying to make a living. Then Jennie Stavros happened.

For three years Donal grew to accept his mutation, and after catching the Croydon Killer with the help of Jennie and Winston Alleyne, he accepted a position with John Preston and Clarent House. Though there were often problems due to his headstrong nature, he was nonetheless an essential and valued member of the team. He also found acceptance and eventually love with Jennie, and he proposed to her in the fall of 2013. A few days later he was taken and forcibly recruited by Mother in retaliation for his part in the death of one of her own people.

His personality now warped and twisted to serve Mother's own ends, he has only two real purposes in his life. To serve Mother, and to hunt down and kill his former love, Jennie.


Blood contains a compound that turns it into a highly corrosive acid once it's exposed to the nitrogen in the air. It is incredibly difficult to obtain a sample of it. Donal also has a rapid healing factor, and has increased speed and strength. He is somewhat more durable than a normal human, but his skin can still be cut by very sharp objects. He is not immune to the effects of his acidic blood, but does have a higher tolerance towards it.


Katabasis, Into The Fog, The Hedgehog and The Fox


PB: Michael Steger

Socked by: Walks