Dr. Joseph Skrul

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Joseph Skrul - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker
Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: Sulaco

Dr. Joseph Skrul was a noted German virologist who possessed one of the more unique mutant abilities yet seen. However, his power was ultimately as dangerous to him as to others.


Name: Joseph Heinrich Skrul

Aliases: None

Occupation: Scientist

First appearance: July 17, 2008

Family: none mentioned


Dr. Joseph Skrul was a noted German virologist, who at one point worked for the group of research companies owned by Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker. After Strucker's death, Skrul was given covert funding to continue his own research into his idea that mutancy and the x-gene could be cultured and then transmitted in the fashion as a virus.

Eventually, Skrul moved his research to New York, in order to get the access to subjects that he needed. One interesting factor of the rising mutant population was how some diseases had started to mutate to adapt to the wide spectrum of mutant physiologies. He began to recruit young mutants supposedly for immunization trials, instead injecting them with his virus, built from his own DNA.

Several subjects lingered and died before Jay Guthrie was infected, and the X-Men tracked down Skrul and exposed his plot. Skrul attacked and was subdued by the team, although it was made painfully obvious that the effects of his powers had driven him completely insane. Skrul and Jay were taken to Muir Island, where Nathaniel Essex was able to stop his powers from continuing to effect others, although there was no way to reverse the damage that the physical changes had caused to his body.

Skrul survived for a few days on life support, before dying.


Skrul possessed a unique ability; adaptable transmitting DNA. Normally, his powers could do little save mimic positive DNA traits via transplant or transfusion, essentially making him the perfect blood or organ donor. As part of his experiments, he found a way to change it so that instead of adapting perfectly to the other body, it would instead start to rewrite the genetic code to his own, slowly destroying the genetic integity. In addition, it would adapt to the existing x-gene, and transmit back to Skrul, altering his own DNA to include the mutant abilities.

By the time the X-Men reached him, Skrul possessed a pair of giant wings, a rock-like natural armor, the ability to create force fields, to unnaturally stretch and elongate his body, and fire manifestation and pyrokinesis. However, his power did not encode the full adaptions of the subject DNA, so Skrul lacked the essential physiological adaptions to support his powers.




Socked by: Doqz

Skrul is based off of the Super Skrul, a villain regular in the Fantastic Four comics. His powers are based off of the powers from all four members of that team.