Dr. Peter Alarune

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Peter Alarune
Portrayed by Lar Boyce
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Selene
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Worlds On Fire


Name: Dr. Peter Alarune

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Selene, Hellfire Club

First appearance: August 18, 2006

Family: Unknown


Dr. Peter Alarune was a noted scholar and authority in anthropology. Born to a wealthy French-American family, Alarune was a noted prodigy, and completed his doctorate at the age of 24. Using his family's wealth and political connections, he spent the next four years roaming the globe, touching on a number of different research projects and sampling the itinerant life. His first book, 'The Global Tribe' was a number one best seller, which propelled Alarune into the public eye as a guest speaker and lecturer all over the country. However, his book was savagely criticized in his field as pop-anthropology, and his academic standing suffered.

It was that combination of factors that drew Selene to him during a Hellfire Club event. Alarune's name and family were powerful on the East Coast, and his public success made him a useful voice for her cult. More importantly, his bitterness over the academic reception to his work was the perfect tool to twist Alarune into her cult.

Alarune's obsession with Selene grew, and he began to chart cycles of Selene worship through history, much to her amusement. While increasingly dismissed as an intellectual dilletante by the academic community, his books continued to be best sellers, and that lead to a number of PBS and cable specials, earning him a small amount of fame and the public perception of him as an expert.

Smooth, charming, and possessing the ability to distill complex theories in simple explanations (or as his critics state, overly simplified explanations) Alarune found himself with the acclaim he'd always believed he deserved.

Selene's defeat at the hands of the X-Men shook Alarune badly, and while leading the project in Nova Roma to get her back, his paranoia began to grow. After the X-Men thwarted his ritual, that paranoia began to twist into obsessive hatred. Alarune's mind began to fray, as he created complex mental conspiracies that the X-Men were weaving around him.

His commitment to Candra's plans to retrieve the stones needed to bring back Selene was total, but when the X-Men disrupted it, the shock proved to be the last straw. Peter Alarune was arrested by the FBI for his part in the theft of Brazillian cultural artifacts, but was been deemed unfit to stand trial. He was remanded to the Augustus Mental Institution in Upstate New York and remained there in a near catatonic state until he was broken out by a Selene-possessed Meggan Szardos. Highly unstable, he wound up killing his colleague, Karl Mordo before being subdued by X-Force and being returned to the institution.


Some magical ability, but only useful when channelled through objects of power.


Worlds On Fire

Voodoo Child



Originally nicknamed 'Professor Plot Device' during Worlds On Fire, Alarune's name actually comes from one of the associates of Moon Knight.

Socked by: Dex

PB: Lar Boyce