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Herbert Wyndham
Portrayed by Tom Hulce
Known Aliases: Eddie Wyndham
Affiliations: The Evolutionaries
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: This Savage Land

H. Edgar "Eddie" Wyndham is a former housemate of Pietro Maximoff, and a radical environmentalist with ties to the Evolutionaries, an eco-terrorist group.


Name: Herbert Edgar Wyndham

Aliases: "Eddie" Wyndham

Affiliation: The Evolutionaries

First appearance: March 19, 2007

Family: None


Eddie Wyndham was a student at the Royal Veterinary College, an intense young man who was already committed to animal-rights activism; his mutant power was the ability to genetically uplift animals by touch, giving them increased intelligence and certain humanlike traits. While he and Pietro were flatmates, Eddie wasn't particularly skilled with his power; he had a pet hamster that could do hamster-sized house chores, work the coffee-maker, and understand complex instructions, and that was the limit of what he could do. After a few years, Pietro graduated and Eddie went on to pursue advanced study in wild animal health.

In March 2007, Pietro and Eddie had a chance reunion in a New York deli. Eddie was teaching paleontology at Empire State University, and was glad to catch up with his old friend. The next time Wyndham would appear would be on the ill-fated field trip to the Mesozoic Biofloral Conservatory, where he was a guide. It was Eddie's power that allowed the Evolutionaries to create dinosaurs, unleashing them both on the field trip group and on Manhattan.

Pietro recognized Eddie's handiwork in the dinosaur attack, and sped around New York until he found his old friend. After a brief confrontation, unseen associates of Wyndham's knocked Pietro unconscious. When the speedster came to, his former flatmate had escaped.

Eddie Wyndham is currently at large.


Eddie Wyndham can alter an animal's genetic structure, either evolving it into a more intelligent form or devolving it into a more primal configuration, including prehistoric dinosaurs. Eddie's power does not work on humans or mutants, however, for unknown reasons.


This Savage Land


PB: Tom Hulce

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Formerly socked by Avital