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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Elektra Natchios
Portrayed by Emmanuelle Chriqui
Codename: Elektra
Affiliations: None
Birthdate: May 20, 1996
Journal: x_elektra
Player: Available for applications

A young woman devoted to her martial arts, Elektra has no idea of her true nature.


Character Journal: Pizza near Queens 11102

Real Name: Elektra Natchios

Codename: Elektra

Aliases: Nachos

First Appearance: September 15, 2014

Date of Birth: May 20, 1996

Place of Birth: Queens, New York

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Hugo Natchios (father), (mother, deceased)

Education: high school diploma, some college

Relationship Status: single

Occupation: student

Team Affiliation: None



Elektra does not yet know she is a mutant. Until recently her life has been fairly normal with a few exceptions. Her mother died during childbirth which left Elektra without a mother figure until her teens when she trained under a female martial arts instructor. Both the delayed maternal bond, and the eventual strong female mentorship caused her to have a more fluid attitude about gender roles. Her father owns a small grocery store in Queens, although he’s had tough time keeping it open. She grew up helping with the store and this helped to teach her discipline and a strong work ethic.

She studied dance at a very young age, but was never able to compete. She never understood why she didn’t excel at dance since she was excellent at learning the steps and keeping time. Eventually she abandoned dance in favor of learning martial arts from a neighbor and it was something she was naturally gifted at. Master Stone, her teacher, was retired and in her 50s at the time and did not hold regular classes, but made exceptions for people that stood out to her. Elektra stood out to Master Stone, and she trained Elektra after school on most weekdays. Master Stone grew to be a mother figure for Elektra. Her father supported this because he believed it would be good for Elektra if she could defend herself.

Tensions towards immigrants in the area, like Elektra’s father, tended to run high and waves of backlash towards minority groups flared up as the local economy suffered. Her father did a good job of shielding her from most of it, but by the time she graduated from high school she saw enough that it gave her a heightened desire for social justice and equality.

Once while in high school Elektra was watching the store while her father was running errands, and an armed man tried to rob the store. Initially, Elektra was willing to let him run with the money, but as he was turning to leave she impulsively decided that it was the perfect moment to dive over the counter, and tackle the man. He was easily twice her size, but Master Stone was an excellent teacher, and Elektra easily disarmed, and subdued him. On finding this out Master Stone made Elektra start her training over by cleaning the dojo from top to bottom.

Elektra is in her first year of college, and her major is currently undeclared. She can’t major in martial arts, has no interest in taking over her father’s business, and hasn’t yet found something that catches her interest enough to pursue seriously. All of this has led her to be at a loss for what she will do with her life. Due to her excellent grades and lower economic status, her college expenses are completely paid for.

Elektra lives in the dorms on campus, and became quick friends with her dorm mate and has so far done well with her classes. She also became friends with another girl that she saved from some frat boys who were harassing her. The girl stuck by Elektra’s side a lot after that. However, the frat boy that Elektra pushed around didn’t take well to being put in his place by a strong woman. As such he tried his best to harass Elektra and her friends. Elektra didn’t pay him any mind, which angered the boy more, and things eventually escalated to sexually assaulting the girl who Elektra first defended from him. Unable to prove which frat boy assaulted her friend, Elektra took her friends to Master Stone to begin self-defense training. Unfortunately, Master Stone had moved while Elektra was away. She was notably upset by this, but determined.

This led Elektra to find another martial arts school that did not seem like a paper mill. The school she picked was a new one near campus. Her friends performed passably, but the instructors took notice of Elektra’s exceptional skill, and recruited her for a special training program. Elektra accepted the invitation, and was surprised that the program was considered to be a secret, but did not question it. She upheld the secret because the techniques she being taught were incredibly useful and unusual in her experience.

Living At The X-Mansion

Phase 1

It was while trying out one such dojo that Elektra met Kyle Gibney, who was visiting Doug Ramsey at his training. Then a month later, following a random meeting with Marie D'Ancato, Elektra was stunned to find her new friend was a mutant when they were involved in a bus accident. Elektra herself received a head injury, but it proved to be less severe than Rogue had first thought - or something else was at work.

Phase 2

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 130lbs

Eyes: brown

Hair: dark brown

Other Features: She has an inner strength combined with a statuesque physique that gives people the impression that she taller than she actually is.


Her mutation has given her two incredible, but subtle powers. The first is that she can fully heal from just about any major wound or damage to her body. For minor wounds the rate at which she heals is not any faster than a normal human. For major wounds she heals at an accelerated rate until the wound appears minor, and then the normal human healing rate takes over. With time any scars, bone damage, or other signs of physical trauma will go away. With her background in martial arts she has leveraged this power, without realizing it, as she just assumes she has been lucky to never have gotten a scar.

The second power she has is she can recover from fatal wounds, and come back to life if the damage to her body is not completely overwhelming. The time it takes for her to come back to life will vary based on the wounds, and the environment she is in. At this time she has not experienced this power, and believes herself to be a normal human.





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Phase 1


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Player Icon Base: Emmanuelle Chriqui

Meta Trivia

Dave apped Elektra in September 2014, but left before fully introducing her in January 2015, before the relaunch.