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Eva Petrovic - deceased
Portrayed by '
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Yvette Petrovic
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: June 9, 2007

Eva Petrovic is the mother of Yvette. Hard and uncompromising, she did however have the best interests of her daughter at heart. Following the graduation disaster, a schism opened between the pair, lasting until Eva's suicide in July 2011.


Name: Eva Petrovic

Aliases: none

Occupation: Factory worker

First appearance: June 9, 2007

Family: Her father's brother, mother and extended family, living in Pristina, Kosovo.


An Albanian Muslim living on the border with Kosovo, Eva was eighteen when a group of Milosevic's men came to her village, taking away the men and boys and raping several of the girls. Surviving this ordeal, Eva discovered she was pregnant as she and her mother fled their village, eventually finding refuge in a camp jointly run by Medicans Sans Frontiers and the Red Cross. Yvette was born a month premature and Eva's mother died the following winter. During this time, Eva lost her faith in religion, vowing to do whatever it took to secure the safety of herself and her daughter.

Reunited with her father's family in Pristina and seeing out the end of the war, Eva secured a job in a factory, working long hours to support herself and Yvette independently. Eva's war experiences resulted in her developing post-traumatic stress disorder, exhibiting in bouts of depression and irritability and a certain obsession with the war and her experiences. Her volatility resulted in her daughter becoming a very quiet and timid girl, adept at avoiding her mother during her angry periods and looking after her during her depressions.

Eva, for her faults, loves her daughter unreservedly. Sometimes this exhibits as an over-protective streak, such as the motivation that led her to shut Yvette away after her manifestation and resulted in the girl being removed from her care. During the time of Yvette's disappearance, Eva has come to realise that perhaps she is not the best person to care for her daughter's special needs and sees the school as the answer to her prayers, even if the separation is hard on them both.

During the graduation riot, Eva witnessed Yvette cutting loose on one of the Reavers in an effort to protect her mother. Rather than show gratitude, however, Eva shrank from her daughter, seeing in her the violence of her Serbian father. They have not spoken since.

In July 2011, Yvette was notified by her Eva's father's family that Eva had died of a stroke. When she arrived for the funeral, she was told the truth - that her mother had shamefully suicided by an overdose. Yvette's remaining family declared they no longer had ties to the girl they openly called her mother's penance and Yvette returned to the school, determined not to 'bother' them again.




A Betrayal of Heart


Socked by: Rossi