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Family Portrait
Dates run: September 3 - 27, 2007
Run By: Seraph
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"Mom's so sick, and I think...I think I might have made her sick."

When Laurie's mother falls ill during a morning taping, there is a rush to figure out what's wrong. The truth of the matter will hit at the heart of Laurie's family, and bring her into contact with a family member she's never known.


Laurie Collins, Dr Jean Grey-Summers, Marie D'Ancato, Lorna Dane, Forge, Yvette Petrovic, Crystal Amaquelin, David Haller

Gail Collins, Zach Garrison, Charles Xavier


September 3 - 27, 2007

Plot Summary

When Gail Collins collapses during a morning taping of her popular 'Good Morning Westchester' show, Laurie accompanies her to the local hospital, where they find out that cancer she has suffered from several times in her life has reemerged.

Laurie, worried about her mother and whether she might have caused this, goes to Dr Jean Grey-Summers to find out why this could be happening. They realise that while this reemergence is caused by a reaction to a mutant power, it is not Laurie's that is the cause but that of her father, Zach Garrison.

Laurie, with the help of Marie goes in search of her father to recruit his help in saving her mother.

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As a result of this plot, Zach Garrison moved to New York and is now having an ongoing role in Laurie's life.


Plotrunner: Seraph

Zach Garrison is a combination of Marvel's 'Purple Man' Zebadiah Killgrave and Laurie Collins' father from the Academy X comics.