Fear Itself

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Fear Itself
Dates run: November 10-18, 2005
Run By: Maureen
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"There is nothing to fear, except fear itself! - President Franklin D. Roosevelt"

Dani's powers go out of control and start showing people their greatest fears.


Danielle Moonstar, Manuel de la Rocha, Forge, Marius Laverne


November 10-18, 2005

Plot Summary

Dani seeks out Forge after With Malice Aforethought and Hank's actions since Billy's birth had strained their friendship. They made strides to repair it, only to have it broken a few days later when Dani has a powers mishap with Manuel. While making out with Manuel, Dani loses control control of her powers and her mind runs rampant through Manuel's fears. Upset over what she did, she retreats to Forge's room, but when she tells him that she was with Manuel, he blames Manuel for everything and throws Dani out of his room.

Retreating from people for a few days, Dani is making Chorba for Marius when she loses control of her power again, this time in the kitchen. Marius is understandably upset. Dani retreats farther from most people in an effort to get herself back together and so she will not be a danger to others. Forge confronts Manuel and threatened to destroy his mind, despite this however; they manage to reach a truce, of sorts.

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Plotrunner: Maureen