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Ferguson Family
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Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Mary and David Eddings; Jacob and Lisa Ferguson, Stacie and Karen Richards
Affiliations: Clarice Ferguson
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Introduction: December 24, 2003

The immediate family of Clarice Ferguson, both parents have remarried after their divorce, further complicating an already-complicated family.


First appearance: December 24, 2003

Mary (O'Connell Ferguson) Eddings
A lawyer working for a human rights organisation at the time she met Clarice's father, Mary is a passionate advocate for what might be considered the left of politics, teaching her daughter to always follow her heart and encouraging her early forays into fashion design. Strangely, however, her second marriage was to a man who wasn't exactly open-minded on the mutant question, an act which eventually severed her relationship with her very clearly mutant daughter following M-Day.

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David Eddings
An insurance salesman, David is outright afraid of mutants, a fear which extended to his purple step-daughter. He has no relationship with Clarice, who refuses to talk to him or her mother following their marriage.

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Jacob Ferguson
A lawyer for a corporate law firm, Jacob Ferguson is a serious sort of man, slow to accept change. Marrying Clarice's mother was a rare act of rebellion against a life that seemed already mapped out, and when it failed, he considered it a type of punishment for that type of thinking. When Clarice manifested, he was unsure of how to react to this new, purple daughter and like his wife, wrote her off following M-Day.

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Lisa (Richards) Ferguson
Already with two daughters from another marriage, Lisa tried her best to be supportive of her new daughter, encouraging her in dance and other activities. She clearly puts her elder children first, however, not really sure how to address Clarice's 'condition' as well as the girl's idiosyncratic way of looking at the world. When M-Day happened, it was clearly a relief to her to cut contact.

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Other family members include:

  • Stacie Richards step-sister. The eldest of Lisa's two daughters from her previous marriage, Stacie thinks little of Clarice other than as the nuisance little sister who used to tag after them as children. She has aspirations to be a model.
  • Karen Richards step sister. The youngest of the two Richards girls, Karen also has dreams of being a model. At this stage, neither has succeeded.


Phase 1

Mary O'Connell met Jacob Ferguson in the Caribbean shortly after they both finished law school. Mary was working there for a human rights organization and Jacob was there on vacation from a corporate law firm. They fell in love and Mary followed him back to Ithaca, New York in a whirlwind romance. Less than two years later, they were married and had a daughter they named Clarice.

She had a typical childhood, although her parents both worked a lot and as she got older, fought a lot. They separated when she was nine and were divorced when she was 10. Their divorce devastated Clarice and she lived with her mother who was a big believer of following your heart. Doing just that, Clarice began making her own clothing and doing many crafty things.

When Clarice was 11, her father remarried instantly adding a second mother and two step-sisters to her family. Clarice was a few years younger than her step-sisters and was frequently relegated as their annoying tag-along in what they thought was a budding modelling careers. It was her step-mother that got Clarice to start dancing and she quickly took to it, joining a local team and going to local competitions.

While Clarice was at Xavier's, her mother met and married David Eddings, a mutant-phobic man in insurance. Clarice refused to speak to her for over a year after that and their relationship is still strained. She has no relationship with David.

Clarice's father, initially uncomfortable with her mutancy, has begun to deal with it and has developed a strong relationship with his daughter, taking her to look at colleges and approving her as an X-Man trainee.

Clarice essentially has no relationship with her step-sisters, although they are friendly on the rare times they see each other.

Phase 2

Clarice's family cut all contact with her following M-Day.


Phase 1

Thanksgiving 2007 - Clarice takes Monet to meet her mother

Day Zero - Clarice's father turned up at the mansion during this event, to check up on her.

The End of the Beginning - Clarice sends messages to her mother and father before deploying to Genosha.

Phase 2


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