Franklin Hall

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Franklin Hall
Portrayed by Ian Hart
Known Aliases: Graviton
Affiliations: Janus
Socked By: TBD
Introduction: December 4, 2015

Gravity is the true fundamental force, and I, Graviton, am its master!

A genius scientist who betrayed SWORD for his own personal gain.


Name: Franklin Hall

Aliases: Graviton

Affiliation: Janus

First appearance:



Franklin Hall was a SWORD scientist (formerly SHIELD) who studied a rare, exotic substance he dubbed gravitonium. Gravitonium has unusual properties for a metal. Like mercury, it is a viscous liquid at room temperature. When electric currents pass through it, it solidifies and distorts local gravitational fields. Hall had spent years trying to understand gravitonium, but in 2012, both he and most of his research notes suddenly disappeared. SHIELD assumed he had gone AWOL. It was not until 2015 that he was discovered in a Janus research facility in Malta. Supervisory Special Agent Everett Thomas and his Caterpillar team were sent to retrieve him and whatever data they could obtain, but they were unprepared for a super-powered Franklin Hall, who called himself Graviton. Apparently years of exposure to gravitonium plus some biotechnological augmentations from Janus granted him the ability to manipulate gravity. He killed all of the Secret Warriors except for Synch, who seemingly finished him with a bullet to the brain. The battle took out most of Hall’s lab, and his body was lost in the falling debris, so SHIELD has not officially confirmed his death.


As a result of his experiments, Hall has the ability to manipulate gravity. He can use this ability to fly, move objects from a distance, and generate powerful force blasts.



PB: Ian Hart

Socked by: TBD