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Jeremy Stevens
Portrayed by David Dean Bottrell
Known Aliases: The Gamemaster
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Mandelbrot Bound

"Leaving so soon? But there's just so much of the game left to play."

Calling himself the Gamemaster, Jeremy Stevens was an omnipath driven completely mad by his powers, engaging in a series of twisted games to amuse himself.


Name: Jeremy Stevens

Aliases: 'Gamemaster'

Affiliation: None

First appearance: April 3, 2008

Family: None known


An omnipath, Stevens' power was simply too overwhelming to his mind, and he had no training. As his power slowly emerged, he eventually began to create a complex tangle of wires in his home, becoming increasingly reclusive. The wires operated as a sort of visual program, which provided structure and a measure of control over the input. Over the years, Stevens manipulated the people around him in a sort of voyueristic thrill, evolving the patterns of wires and changing them to use his powers. Wanda's chaos based powers wrecked havok on his patterns, and his killings were a way to violently balance his control. When the killings drew the attention of the FBI, Stevens was able to lay hands on the 'source' of his problems, trapping Wanda in his wires. The shock of the destruction of the web rendered him a vegetable and he is currently incarcerated in a hospital with no hope of recovery.


A man twisted by his own powers, Stevens is an omnipath. He literally incorporates the minds of those within a certain radius of several city blocks into his own mind. He can read and manipulate those minds in any psychic fashion; empathically, telepathically, control, etc.


Mandelbrot Bound


Socked by: Dex

PB: David Dean Bottrell

The Gamemaster's personality was drawn directly from the Boston Legal character Lincoln Meyers.