Hammer Industries

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Hammer Industries
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First Seen: The Two Sided Coin of Ambition


Once a widely recognized tech company and arms manufacturer Hammer Industries has fallen far from grace. The company was so entrenched in its technologies that it was unable to keep up with the emergent edge of technologies and fell behind both its competitors like Frost and Stark industries and relative newcomers like Shaw Industries and Storm Tech. Nonetheless Hammer Industries retains a significant industrial base and has several basic mechanical contracts with the US government providing vehicles and ship frames.

The board of Hammer industries has never forgotten their past heights and have started a series of reforms across the company with the intention of dragging it kicking and screaming into modernization.

Part of this effort led a scientist in their employ to steal ideas from Keller Industries, framing Hope Abbott in the process. The CEO, Justin Hammer, was forced to organize a press conference, admitting what had been done.


The Two Sided Coin of Ambition


Introduced by: Ryan