Heiress Discordia

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Content Warning: This page contains mentions or depictions of sexual violence, molestation and/or rape.

Heiress Discordia
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Dates run: November 22-23, 2004
Run By: Redhawk and Rossi
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"But come, tonight is a celebration, and there is no reason why we can't get along. Especially when my son neglects you so shamelessly."

On Manuel's 21st birthday, he and Amanda go to a Hellfire Club function, where he intends to resign as White Knight. Things go incredibly awry.


Manuel de la Rocha, Amanda Sefton, Angelo Espinosa

Selene, Alphonso de la Rocha


November 22-23, 2004

Plot Summary

After much deliberation, Manuel decided to resign from the Hellfire Club, to try and live as a normal person and perhaps make more links with the school. He had arranged with Amanda to go to a Hellfire Club function for his birthday - on the way there, he told her his intention to hand in his resignation that night. Upon arriving at the Club, Manuel was summoned before the Lords Cardinal of the Inner Circle, leaving Amanda on her own. It was then Alphonso made his move, approaching the young witch for the first time since their meeting in Spain at his estate. Amanda was understandably suspicious of Alphonso, and the conversation degenerated. However, she had been slipped a drugged glass of champagne prior to the encounter, and collapsed before she could make a move to leave. Alphonso had her taken to his private rooms, where she was severely beaten by two hirelings - Alphonso himself did not touch her in order to avoid evidence connecting him.

Meanwhile, Manuel had had his own encounter with his father. Told that he was no longer the sole heir, Manuel was then waylaid by Selene at his father's request. Using a combination of magic and her own empath, she proceeded to remove all of Manuel's memories, intending to present Alphonso with a tabula rasa to mould as he wished into the perfect weapon.

The pair did not reckon on Amanda regaining consciousness as soon as she did, however. Woken by the sound of Manuel screaming down their link, she then used it to launch her consciousness into Manuel's body, as he had once done to her. Using the draining spell once used by Rack, Amanda-in-Manuel's-body then proceeded to drain the power and the life from Selene, before being flung backwards. Unable to fight back under the influence of the drug and in an unfamiliar body, she then used an Asgardian teleportation spell to get herself and Manuel back to the mansion, still in the wrong bodies. Angelo came across the pair and alerted the medlab.

As a result of Selene's work, Manuel lost all of his strong emotional memories. Amanda managed to save some of those relating to their relationship, but Selene's lingering influence meant these were also partially destroyed. Stripped of his former identity, Manuel struggled to rebuild his life, increasingly aware that the person he had been was not always someone people had wanted to know.

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Trivia and Meta


In the unwritten scene between Manuel and his father, it was revealed that he had a baby sister, born of his young stepmother who appeared in Hellfire.

Selene experimented with and perfected her particular brand of magical brain washing in the city of Nova Roma, Brazil.

Upon finding out just how they escaped, Alex Summers began avoiding Amanda, finding too many parallels between her power and Selene's.

On the following Valentine's Day, Alphonso sent the pair a crate of Spanish cider and a DVD of the beating Amanda received, providing the evidence Remy LeBeau needed to connect Alphonso with the death of Pete's father and thus touch off the events of Hellfire and Damnation


Plotrunner: Redhawk and Rossi

Large portions of this plot were written in the Honolulu Airport during a stopover between Toronto and Melbourne.