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New Mutants: Here Comes Tomorrow
Dates run: October 17-19, 2008
Run By: Rossi
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"~Team togetherness. These stupid girls may be classmates, but they're not my group.~"

The newly created student team, the New Mutants, has their first field trip.


Angelica Jones, Catseye, Cessily Kincaid, Inez Temple, Karolina Dean, Noriko Ashida, Tatiana Caban, Yvette Petrovic, Garrison Kane, Cain Marko

Charles Xavier (in flashback), Archie Wilson


October 17-19, 2008

Plot Summary

Following Garrison's discussions with Xavier after the events of both Razor's Edge and Community Service, Charles officially set up the New Mutants program; a program modeled on both Canada's Beta Flight, and more traditional youth programs like the Scouts, designed to teach the students at the school how to work together as a team, build their identity as a community, and expand the current powers training and self defense training into partnered and group activities.

While a number of the staff were developing new training programs for the Danger Room and putting together a curriculum for the program, Xavier, anxious to get the students started, invited Garrison to begin some basic team building programs straight from his own Beta Flight training while the rest of the programs catch up. Kane agreed and settled on a weekend camping trip with a number of activities as the best starting point while the weather was still good.

Needing someone who knew the area, Kane tracked down Cain for advice, since the older man grew up and did his own camping years in the region. Marko suggested Livingston Lake up in Adirondack Park as the perfect choice. Remote enough that they wouldn't have to worry about people watching them, but still close enough to the highway to get in and out reasonably well.

The students were driven up to the Park, but before leaving, were handed their uniform for the program. Arriving at the camp, it was explained that over the weekend, they would be moving from Livingston Lake to Sand Lake, where they would be picked up, and there would be a series of activities.

The first activity was setting up their camp. All the tents were two men tents that can't be set up by one person, so they had to find a partner and work together with them and the instructions.

Other tests included a team lighting the camp fire with only matches while the other gathered firewood. A test across Hall's Creek to build a footbridge with assembled materials, using a rough sketch of the instructions, etc. The idea was that each test was something that had to be done as a team, and each person at one point or another was responsible for taking charge of their team to complete it.

Meanwhile, Kane and Cain got in a lot of fishing while the kids argued.

Once they finally reached Sand Lake, they found that the rains earlier in the week caused a mudslide, and two hundred meters of the road was buried. The small local community knew that it would take weeks to clear properly from the other side, and they would likely have to temporarily evacuate their homes. However, Marko eyed the damage and figured that with the combined powers of the kids, if they work together, they could temporarily clear and shore up a path through that would stay stable until the authorities properly cleared the slide, opening the road enough that evacuation wouldn't be necessary.

With Kane and Cain doing the heavy lifting, the New Mutants worked together to clear a path, to the thanks of the locals, and were picked up as planned to return to the school, exhausted but also successful for the first time as a team.

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Karolina attended under extreme protest and refused to wear the uniform or participate in any of the activities.

Meggan Szardos was too newly arrived to take part, and Callie Betto developed chicken pox the day before they left.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The plot was written by Dex in order to establish the New Mutants group ahead of Day Zero.