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Dates run: February 14, 2007 - March 23, 2007
Run By: Jess
Read the logs: Homecoming

"I don't want to treat the Keep like it's just a passing whim. It's been part of my family for hundreds of years. I owe it to tradition to take this seriously."

An unexpected Christmas gift has many repercussions for Bobby and Terry.


Bobby Drake, Theresa Cassidy


February 14, 2007 - March 23, 2007

Plot Summary

When Terry's father Sean Cassidy decided to return to Interpol, he made his daughter and son-in-law a most unexpected gift - the trusteeship of the ancestral Cassidy home, Cassidy Keep. After some deliberation, Bobby decided to become the Keep's caretaker and resign from Elpis and the X-Men. Terry would commute between Ireland and the US, continuing her studies and maintaining her berth on the team. A meeting with Scott Summers was had, where Bobby resigned his team position, but before they could finalise matters, the Tel Aviv Elpis office was bombed, requiring him to remain in order to assist his co-workers.

Following the resolution of the incident and the arrest of the terrorists, Bobby then resigned his position and spoke to his friend Angelo Espinosa, before Terry announced Bobby's impending departure on the mansion community.

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In the process of packing, Terry took the opportunity to give away or throw out a number of Bobby's 'treasured' items.


Plotrunner: Jess

This plot was designed in order to accommodate a player hiatus.