John Cully

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John Cully
Portrayed by Ross Kemp
Known Aliases: Unknown
Affiliations: Pete Wisdom
Socked By: Alasdair
Introduction: Numerous references, never on-screen

John Cully, old friend and former colleague of Pete Wisdom.


Name: John Cully

Aliases: None

Occupation: Currently Special Minder One, extranormal ops, SIS.

First appearance: May 2003

Family: None.


John Cully grew up in Essex, a couple of years older than, and a few doors down from Pete Wisdom. The two of them were inseperable as kids, especially after Pete's Dad made it clear that Pete wasn't going to get to be a policeman. But when they got nicked for stealing cars, while Pete went into a special intelligence program, John Cully went to borstal.

After he got out, and when his criminal record was expunged at 18, he joined the army, seeking to replace the rigid structure that he'd grown to like in Borstal. He turned out to be an exemplary soldier, and eventually became a badged SAS man in good standing.

John Cully is one of British Intelligence's great failures, simply because he went unnoticed when he joined the army. Not an obvious mutant in any way, and with a mutant power that wasn't even discovered until his late twenties, he wasn't separated from his unit, given any kind of special training or put through anything other than standard military training. Where Pete Wisdom was taught to be rather more morally flexible, John learned a rather more traditional morality.

John and Pete were eventually reunited (after about 15 years) in the year 2000 on an operation in Algeria. While the two were not as close as they once had been, they did rediscover their friendship, something that played a part in Pete's own growing disillusionment with his own employment.

Following an injury in the field, John was reassigned from the SAS to Fort Monkton, the SIS training facility, to act as an instructor while he recovered.

When Pete Wisdom was briefly employed by MI6 (after his initial dismissal from another branch of British Intelligence) as Special Minder One, he asked for and received John Cully as his second. John was promoted when Pete left to form X-Force, and the two remain on good terms.


Mutant Null.


PB: Ross Kemp

Socked by: Alasdair