John Sublime

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John Sublime
Portrayed by Russell Wong
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Self, Weapon X
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Christian's Angels

"I'd like to make this clear that absolutely anything I say will be less than useless to you if you have have delusions of charging me."

A businessman specialising in genetics, bio-technology and genetic engineering, Sublime's true agenda remains a mystery.


Name: John Sublime

Aliases: Sublime

Affiliation: Self, Weapon X

First appearance: September 2, 2011

Family: Unknown


Sublime is an Asian businessman with ties into pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and genetic engineering. His companies have established themselves as a dominant Pacific Rim conglomerate within the last decade, and while there are rumours of connections with the organ trade and illegal drugs, nothing has ever come close to being openly linked with the enigmatic founder or his company. He was also linked to the attack on Alpha Flight and the re-emergence of Lady Deathstrike and several other Weapon X operatives.

During a meeting with Garrison Kane, Sublime explained that he personally has no connection to the events in Canada. He had made an arrangement with an unknown man in exchange for some high level military grade genetic experimentation details in exchange for the loan of his strike team. The team, all former WEAPON X subjects, had been retained by Sublime several years ago as enforcers. The deal was sweetened with a one year loan of Deathstrike as their commander in exchange for ambushing Alpha Flight in Canada and wiping them out. Sublime does not know the identity of the man or the reason for the assault. As the meeting ended, Sublime’s people attacked as expected, but during the attack, they turned on Sublime himself, telling him that they have new orders. Sublime escaped during the confusion.




X-Men Mission: The Grotesque and the Sublime (referenced)

Christian's Angels


Socked by: Dex

PB: Russell Wong