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First Seen: August 21, 2015


Lemurians: A green-skinned race of amphibious humanoids who once lived in the Pacific and worked in direct opposition to Atlantis. After a particularly brutal war, which they lost, the Lemurians were trapped in their last standing city, completely isolated from the outside world. Atlantis controlled all trade to and from the city as well as their access to magic. They have remained thus, barely subsisting after the only portal granting access to the outside world - through Atlantis - stopped working thousands of years ago. They have been twisted by time and evolution, physically and mentally, though they have never lost their hatred of Atlantis.

In August 2015, a portal was accidentally opened, leading into the basement of the mansion. Those Lemurians who made their way through the portal were subdued, and later handed over to SHIELD for safe-keeping. The device which was responsible for the portal was destroyed.


It’s Greek To Me


Introduced by: Cai