Lost Generations

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Part 3 of Tomorrow's Children.

Lost Generations
Dates run: October 2005 - February 2006
Run By: Alicia
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Okay, going from zero to mass infanticide in five seconds is probably a little over-paranoid. But... I think there might be something. Unless it's a statistical anomaly.

Nathan and Angelo carry out a months-long investigation into the falling mutant birth rate in Southeast Asia.


Nathan Dayspring, Angelo Espinosa, Moira MacTaggart - Phase 1, Jean Grey


October 2005 - February 2006

Plot Summary

In the process of the humanitarian work he began to do after the revelation of his family connection to Gideon Faraday, Nathan discovered something odd about the mutant birth rate in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. It was way down in comparison to the rest of the region, a statistical peculiarity that made Nathan wonder just what was happening. He and Angelo worked together to gather more documentation, making calls, forming new contacts.

Their investigation continued in the background of the many other events that fall, until Moira discovered her husband swearing at new statistics that suggested that the mutant birth rate in those three countries had fallen twenty percent below the rest of Asia. She confirmed that there was almost certainly something going on, and promised to make some calls.

Nathan and Angelo pursued the matter at the UN, where they were stonewalled by various bureaucrats who either insisted that they needed to go through proper channels, or who wrote the matter off as some sort of vague conspiracy theory. They contemplated making a trip to Southeast Asia themselves, to get a look at the situation on the ground, but their plans were derailed by the events at the Hellfire Club and in Namibia.

They soon discovered that the reduction in the mutant birth rate was limited to the rural areas of those three countries, where certain specific medical NGOs worked. Jean, as disturbed as Moira about the statistics Nathan had compiled, gave him some helpful hints on how to be diplomatic while lobbying, while Angelo continued to chase down the donor lists for the NGOs in question.

A breakthrough was finally made that following February, when Nathan attended a conference and picked up a somewhat alarming stray thought from one of the other attendees. After spending twelve hours of the following day buried in all the paperwork he'd compiled on the matter thus far, Nathan detected a direct correlation between the rural medical clinics offering genetic testing for the X-factor and higher abortion rates. Some documents he'd 'liberated' from the conference also gave him information about the counseling offered with the genetic testing, specifically to pregnant women with visible mutations that 'compromised' their quality of life. Worse, Gideon's company, Eris Consulting, was on the donor lists of a few of the NGOs in question. Distressed by the implications, Nathan took the matter back to Moira, who pursued it at the WHO.

Months later, Elpis instituted educational programs for pregnant women in the three problem countries, attempting to counteract the earlier practices and the suspicion and fear they'd engendered.

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Though the bulk of the investigatory work was done months prior to the founding of Elpis, the programs Elpis founded in response to the issue were among the most significant of the new organization's early projects, and remain very dear to Nathan's heart.


Plotrunner: Alicia