Love Potion Number Nine

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Content Warning: This page contains graphic sexual content and should be considered Not Safe For Work.

Content Warning: This page contains mentions or depictions of sexual violence, molestation and/or rape.

Love Potion Number Nine
Dates run: February 15-18, 2004
Run By: Twiller
Read the logs: Love Potion #9

Y'know what your problem is, sunshine? Yer too fuckin' wrapped up in your own little dramas. So the girl wants to fuck someone else? Who cares? Plenty more where she came from...

Things go from bad to worse when Amanda gives Doug a magical method to aid his love life.


Amanda Sefton, Doug Ramsey, Manuel de la Rocha, Marie D'Ancato, Jamie Madrox, Rahne Sinclair, Lorna Dane, Bobby Drake, Kitty Pryde


February 15-18, 2004

Plot Summary

During a tutoring session, Amanda uses a discussion of Doug’s lovelife (or lack of one) as a distraction. Deciding it would be fun to test Doug’s ethics, Amanda shows up at his door later that day with a love potion. Resolving to not give in to temptation, Doug stashes the potion in a door to dispose of later.

Doug ended up getting more than he bargained for when the potion was released into the water supply, affecting a wide range of female residents and one lone male. His day started with an unusual encounter with Rahne, followed by a talk with a pouting Marie-Ange that led to a kiss. Confused, he stumbled across Lorna in the game room, earning him his second kiss of the day (and a little more) until he finally realized things were going too fast for him.

Doug’s day got even more unusual when a trip to the kitchen for a snack resulted in some very obvious flirting from Bobby. Retreating to his room, Doug continued wondering about the day’s unusual occurrences when Kitty came by to see him. As had become the usual sequence of events, after a bit of conversation, Doug got kissed. Unfortunately (or actually for them, fortunately), Jamie walked in at that exact moment. Working through the pain of what he just saw, Jamie decided to question the mansion’s emotions expert – Manuel. Though questioning the wrong suspect, Jamie got turned in direction of the right one. When Jamie goes to talk with Amanda, he discovered that she’d fallen under her own spell.

Receiving a note from Marie, Doug went to talk with her, only to find her acting as oddly as the other people he’d encountered that day. He again got kissed, though luckily Marie was careful to not keep contact long enough to activate her powers. Finally putting the series of events together, Doug realized that the potion must have gotten out and went to speak with Amanda, only to find a rather flirtatious blonde witch. Using her attraction to his advantage, Doug managed to slip out of the room and recruit Manuel’s help to hold off the effects of the potion long enough for Amanda to reverse the spell.

Doug, distraught over what he caused, ran away from the mansion. Scott found him and brought him back, but he remained deeply shaken. Marie-Ange, concerned about Doug’s emotional state, makes a deal with Manuel. In exchange for teaching him to tidy his room and sharing his bed, he will look at Doug’s emotional state and teach her to control her physiological reactions to emotions.

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It was during this time that Moira MacTaggart discovered that Cain Marko was radiating magical energy that Amanda was getting “fixes” from. Amanda was no longer able to access the power after Cain cut off the energy by using a bronze plate to cover the gem, which he wore affixed to his chest with duct tape.


Plotrunner: Twiller