Madame Libertine

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Eloisa Thompson-Hendricks
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Portrayed by Stock Image
Known Aliases: Madame Libertine
Affiliations: none
Socked By: Cai
Introduction: X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse

Madame Libertine is the owner of a brothel on the fringes of District X and employs only mutant sex workers, many of whom are visible mutant.


Name: Eloisa Thompson-Hendricks

Aliases: Madame Libertine

Occupation: Brothel madam

First appearance: April 10, 2011

Family: Anna Leigh Hendricks (daughter)


Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Eloisa Thompson grew up in and around a brothel there. Her mother was a working girl. She began working in a brothel in NV at nineteen to pay for school, but left the “life” after getting married in her mid twenties and deciding to put her management degree to use. Eloisa moved to NYC in her mid thirties with her husband and young daughter, Annie. He died during Day Zero, just a few years after their move, and she was left without a job after the company that had employed her closed and none of the others were willing to hire a visible mutant. To support herself and her child, she took the last of her savings and began renting out a house in what would become District X. Given her knowledge of the business, she was able to tap into the unique stream of clients interested in being “entertained” by women with visible mutations. The brothel was successful until late last year when Madame Libertine was forcibly removed from the premise and told not to return. She’s been living with a friend ever since, trying to find out if there’s anything she can do. Considering the illegal nature of her business, though, even approaching the police is out of the question and she had found no other recourse until Vanessa Carlysle called her. With her brothel back in her own hands again and something of an ally in X-Factor, Libertine is back to looking after her girls and operating her business.


Libertine's mutation is purely physical. She has lizard scales along her back, abdomen, shoulders, thighs and face. Much like a lizard, she gets cold easily and therefore tends to stay in warm areas or wear very warm clothing.


X-Factor Investigation: Cathouse


Socked by: Cai

PB: Stock Image