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Moment of Awesome: Namor/The Submariner: When an android Human Torch is set upon New York, it is the King of Atlantis that gets it into SHIELD containment.

"Leave that to me - I have an idea. Just make sure the containment crew is ready." Yelena turned her attention from the agent back to the figure flying above them. The one who wasn't on fire. "Namor, Black Widow. We have a containment unit for the Torch, but we need someone to herd it into it. Are you able to do that?"

The comm crackle was like nails on a chalkboard -- a wakeup call for Namor, who had been engaged in a deadly airborne ballet with the fiery science project -- both an unwelcome and jolting disruption to the dance above. The two were something to watch, trading blows while twisting and swooping over the edge of the island and the open water of the bay. For every fireball the robot would hurl, Namor matched it with an equally gracefully pull of water from the sea. It might have been chaos on the land for mere mortals, but this battle in the sky was the thing of gods and kings.

Well, one king. He would claim he could have done this forever, but the urgency in Yelena's tone was a clear call to finish the enemy. Also, Namor was acutely aware that his ability to pull water was getting dangerously low. Several burns covered his torso, and all of this raised red, red flags.

"I am capable of more than you can comprehend, Spider-Woman," he finally replied with a hint of irritation that she should question his ability. "I will put It into your box."

Namor took action. Sweeping low and tight, he changed the angle of his approach on the beach from a careful standoff, mindful of civilians, to a hyper-aggressive mix of lunges and punches toward the Android. A thrust. A dodge. A sweeping blow that left another burn along the Atlantean's arm. The robot responded to the king's lead in their duet, not realizing that Namor was waiting for just the right angle.


Swooping backward, Namor raised his golden, shining trident and threw it at the Human Torch. He hung there, suspended, for just a moment before his graceful, superhuman motion sent the weapon to spear directly through the android's chest and into open containment box. Triumphant, Namor spread his hands and bellowed, "I AM THE IMPERIUS REX. KNEEL."

Not particularly listening, the SHIELD agents that served as part of Zephyr One scrambled to seal the android away.

"Well," Ross began, then had to stop as a cough nearly doubled him up from where he had raised himself up on an elbow on the ground. "I suppose civilians are good for something after all."

Today in XProject:

December 12th

2003: Alison kidnaps Paige, Jono, Angelo and Bobby to Mexico for a vacation. Angelo and Paige's relationship begins. Marie goes to LA to see Angelo's mother and talk about a visit to NY and they have to drive back when riots erupt. Pete discovers he's been made the new student counsellor.

2004: Madelyn and Scott discover that his powers are solar-charged, and that sun makes him hyper. Dani Moonstar arrives at the mansion.

2005: Nathan's been a bit busy lately, hence he's missed a couple of sessions with his friendly neighborhood therapist; Jack's a bit concerned, and probably has good reason to be. Terry and Jay meet up in the music room and argue about Tommy. He's offended, she's hurt. And then he makes her cry. Nathan announces his resignation from formal teaching. Jubilee posts just to prove she's alive. Lorna takes cooking requests. Leyu hijacks Shiro's journal to enthuse about gingerbread.

2006: Amanda sees Angelo and Sarah teasing each other on the journals and believes they're a couple; Doug takes her out for comfort food. Laurie asks Kyle to go with her to the Winter Ball and offers Christmas food to the staff, care of her mother. Nathan and Crystal talk ice-climbing. Scott gets a poll of which team members are going to be at the mansion over Christmas. Clarice and Angelo have a Danger Room session with Nathan. Marius finally speaks to Yvette and prompts her to have a flashback to Europe; Jennie and Yvette watch movies and Yvette cries - it's a good thing. Julio and Angelo talk about Smichov. Living Pele: Vida drugs Alex and she and her mother use his power to give Vida the power of Pele, Hawaiian goddess of the volcano. Bobby and Scott finally talk about the events of Not So Plain Jane.

2007: Sooraya posts a meme. Ororo discovers a CD missing, and finds Scott is holding certain personal items to ransom for his stolen rum balls; Remy mocks her for being an easy mark.

2008: Mechanisms of Revenge: Pete and Blaquesmith talk over plans to optimise their chances against Apocalypse. Amanda posts to her journal about Pete in response to Remy's announcement. Inez resurfaces to ask the other girls about the new guy. Kevin finishes Catseye's special 'shiny thing' and tells her and then Yvette that he's leaving on Sunday; he and Yvette start work on a special project. Doug asks Marie-Ange to be his date and co-chaperone at the Winter Ball and suggests to Forge a double-date. Lil emails Bishop and arranges a meeting. Kyle is amused at his latest prank on his mother about his real father, until Laurie butts in about him being still angry at her. Manuel proposes something other than their weekly chess game with Bishop. Jean-Phillipe emails Charles, requesting a meeting. Bishop posts a new icon and comments about sneaky photographers. Rachel and Nathan ambush Jean-Paul and a snowball fight ensues. Lil meets Zanne out in the snow, practising with her powers. Lil encounters Manuel massacring cookies.

2009: Still unhappy about seeing her father, Catseye winds up asking Nico for comfort and gets some advice as well.

2010: Garrison and Logan watch hockey and Logan asks Garrison to use his FBI contacts to possibly track down some of Logan's past in Japan.

2011: Sarah V. asks Meggan about how you know when you like like someone. Amanda posts about her adventures in food poisoning and asks Nico for help researching Garrison's curse (without revealing he is the cursee).

2012: Scott announces Johnny’s trainee name is “Pinball”. Clarice notes that the world has not ended as predicted. Lorna announces gingerbread house making in the kitchen. Adrienne talks to Haller about becoming Tandy’s guardian and about her adopting a code name while on X-Men missions. Angel posts about wanting a ferret. Katabasis: Jennie gets in touch with her group in England and is told there might be an enemy mole at the mansion. Clint reflects on the uniqueness of the date - 12/12/12.

2013: Hope posts about almost being done with writing her Christmas cards.

2014: Matt goes to visit Arthur. Cecilia posts wondering why people can't spell her name. Molly visits Arthur in his new room.

2015: Ausente sin Culpa ni Presente sin Disculpa: The next morning, Scott, Sooraya and Angel go after the mutant drug gang; Cecilia goes to help injured people and crosses paths with the gang again; during a fight, she takes Rave for a boost; after the fights, the group tries to figure out what to do about the drugs and the gang; The fight continues, as Scott, Sooraya and Angel take on Rave-abusing opponents. Molly posts apologizing for throwing her bike through the wall. Cecilia texts Arthur about taking care of Pizza Dog I/Lucky. Matt and Rachel watch Star Wars in preparation for the upcoming movies.

2016: Maya posts to the journals to let people know she’s planning on starting a school radio station. Kyle tries to teach Topaz to fight, Topaz isn’t so sure about this idea but goes along with it. Tandy posts up to remind people they can volunteer at her uncle’s soup kitchen or drop off unwanted clothes at her room.

2017: Sooraya emails Warren asking him to provide her with funds to purchase gifts for the children in the Mutant Underground. Sharon emails Sue asking if she would be able to reverse engineer the SHIELD icer that Sharon had found earlier. Molly posts a link to a series of pictures of a version of Harry Potter written using predictive text.

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Welcome to Salla, our newest XP player, who will be bringing a new Betsy Braddock into the game soon!

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  • eXcalibur: Isle of Glass: A favour for an old friend lands Clint Barton in a whole lot of trouble, involving ancient British magic and the start of a new team.

  • Morningstar: His adventure in Limbo has Consequences for Warren.

  • X-Men Mission: Skull Island: Christian Kane is back. And this time he has a doozy of a mission - a rescue on an island full of giant monsters!

  • Murder, They Tweeted: A family wedding gets much more exciting than anticipated for Quentin Quire and his plus one, Hank McCoy.

  • The Danger Room Paradox: A glitch while modifying the Danger Room results in a quantum event that impacts the whole mansion.

  • Fear in the Dark: Tandy Bowen's past with the entity known as the Dweller gets majorly complicated.

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