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Moment of Awesome - Monica Rambeau/Spectrum: During a pro-mutant protest march, Quentin Quire and Nica exchange their differing viewpoints on how to protect their own.

"It won't come if we're the antagonists either. We take the first punch and it's crackdowns and the registration act and fucking internment camps like they have in Australia for refugees," was Nica's response. "There's a bigger picture to keep in mind."

Quentin rolled his eyes. "Read a book. America does all that regardless of provocation. It's going to happen even if we segregate ourselves and never interact with flatscans. They'll find a justification. We're keeping to ourselves, we must be planning something, right? Into the gas chambers we go, just the same as if we hide in plain sight and pretend we're flatscans ourselves. Don't you think we should do something to even the odds before they come to slaughter us?"

"Which 'they'? The cops? The politicians? Or just anyone who doesn't happened to have the x-gene?" She gestured behind them at the crowd. "It's not just mutants out here today supporting us."

"You think they're going to stick around after shots are fired by either side?" He visually scanned the crowd, noting the variety of protesters. There were several obvious mutants, but many others who, like the two of them, could pass or weren't even mutants themselves. He sighed and ran a hand through his recently dyed hair.

"I'm willing to wait and give them the chance to show me one way or another before I judge them." Nica's eyes literally flashed - she had trouble keeping her powers in check when she was emotional. "That's your problem, Quire. You're so convinced you're right about everything you don't give anyone a chance to prove they aren't all out to get you."

He chuckled. "You're not the first person to say that. But if there's anything I've learned since I manifested, it's that everyone is out to get me. It's not paranoia if it's true."

"Downside of the TP?" she asked rhetorically. "Is everyone that hypocritical?"

"Upside," he corrected her. "Now I know 'trust no bitch' is a good maxim to live by. So." He turned to survey the crowd. "Who d'you think is gonna crack first and fire the first shots, the pigs or the muties?"

"Nice deflection," she muttered to herself, knowing he'd hear it any way. Apparently she'd hit a spot. "Neither, I hope. But considering the NYPD aren't exactly known for their peaceful negotiation skills, it might be worth trying to get the more vulnerable people to move back out of the line of fire."

Quentin ignored her first comment, although the corners of his lips twitched. "You don't think that's gonna be the spark that sets them off? Cops seeing people mobilize, tougher and bulletproof mutants in front, that makes 'em think they're planning something and an itchy trigger finger makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy. I thought Gen X was supposed to teach you better than that. Not that I'd know."

"What would you suggest then, O wise one?" Nica responded, sarcasm dripping from every word. "Attack first and have the media turn even more against us?"

"You flatter me," he said, waving his hand dismissively. "The media's already against us. So are the people and the government. What've we got to lose? Our lives? They're forfeit, anyway, if we stand around and do nothing."

"Wow, way to be totally terrifying," was Nica's reply, although real concern had entered her expression. Just how far would Quentin go? Was he about to start a full-scale riot? "So why are you even with us at all? Wouldn't the Brotherhood be more up to your speed?"

"They don't exactly advertise, and if they're pulling a page from ISIS and radicalizing online, then I've yet to find them." He shrugged nonchalantly, as if this whole conversation were just an exercise in rhetoric and antagonism rather than an actual good-faith discussion. "And besides, contrary to what I might've implied, I don't actually believe mutants are better than flatscans, which is, you know, the Brotherhood's central tenet. They might have the right means, but the ends? I'm still undecided."

Today in XProject:

June 25


2004: Sarah wakes up from her coma. Shinobi acts as mediator between Nathan and Angelo. Piotr accuses Illyana of avoiding him. Moira goes to Muir Island for family reasons.

2005: Nathan calls Saul again and is invited to meet him. Little Girl Lost: Remy reports on his findings and concludes that in all likelihood, Pete was involved in the kidnapping. Betsy writes a Danger Room scenario for the intel team.


2007: Sound of Silence: Yvette emails Medusa with her thanks, and expresses concern for the odd way Crystal was behaving; Medusa discovers Crystal missing, and she and Blackagar go looking for her, missing the flight with the rest of the royal family; Blackagar encounters a Cortez-amplified and Maximus-possessed Crystal about to bring the royal plane down and in the battle uses his powers against her; the blast is deflected and hits the plane and the shock of nearly being crushed by a crashing plane pushes a young mutant teleporter to use his powers in a most unexpected way; everyone in the last departing plane is horrified to see the royal plane crash and the island of Attilan vanish completely; Yvette and John see the news report and raise the alarm at the school; the response is one of shock and dismay as it is realised Forge was on Attilan as well as Medusa and Crystal.

2008: Emma meets Yvette and offers to teach her in controlling her powers. Ororo returns Callisto's leather jacket, left at Harry's. Laurie complains of being bruised from training.

2009: Mnemovore: Jean lets the team know Charles has located Nathan and takes a team to find him; finding Nathan confused and with his shields a mess, Jean manages to bring him back to some semblance of rationality and discovers Jean-Paul was taken; Jean manages to find a clue to Jean-Paul's location in Nathan's memories of the teleporter. Tabitha asks Cammie about her 'relationship' with Manuel and reveals she's jealous. In the wake of the singer's death, Mark announces a Michael Jackson tribute at Silver the next day. Adrienne, on her way to a Black Court function, has an unpleasant discussion with Garrison and then discovers the true price of her quest for power when Jason Wyngarde almost rapes her to show her her place.

2010: Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin gets Cammie to go to the Street Fair with him, while Yvette invites Jared to go with her.

2011: Operation: Red Letter Day: Marie-Ange posts about the state of play, and directs everyone not already in the field to join Jubilee and Ororo in Munich to bring Remy home.

2012: Layla and Korvus meet so he can give her a massage. When Layla returns to her room, Sarah is rather confused by the entire thing. Jubilee posts a strange journal entry saying that it's not the mutation that's important, but how the mutant uses it. Adrienne posts about the White Sox and baseball. Kurt texts Jubilee to say he's thought about what they talked about, and he chooses her. Newly manifested mutant Hope Abbott arrives to the mansion and, upon meeting Matt, is confused and bewildered to learn that she is at a boarding school. She later meets with Professor Xavier, who explains that her mutation can not be cured because it is not an illness. She then meets Tandy, and is confused by her suitemate's mutation. Sarah V. emails Adrienne about getting a wig. Wade grades Cammie's fight night - and isn't exactly generous about it. Amara texts Yvette and Callie, concerned because neither of them replied to the email she'd previously sent. Kyle posts in disbelief over the current Tigers game, and an intense conversation ensues.

2013: Somewhere I Belong: Early in the morning, Matt runs into Topaz and tries to figure out why she’s being so non-committal and distracted, asking her if she’s using drugs and then believing her when she says she’s ill. Sarah V. helps Hope look for a lost earring in the gym and the two chat about the school and X-Factor.

2014: Sooraya posts to X-Corps about translating Islamic education materials into several Middle Eastern languages. Amanda posts lamenting the fact that her connection to London is causing her depression due to England’s poor showing in the World Cup.

2015: Alison texts Jubilee about their 4th of July plans. Alison makes a journal entry asking if she can paint her room. In her search for Doug, Hope runs into someone she did not expect, Laurie. Ty makes a journal post asking Wade if there’s going to be a 4th of July barbecue this year. Laurie has a mishap in the Danger Room, leading to getting medical attention from Jean while the two discuss Laurie’s mental state.

2016: Gabriel makes a journal post about the five stages of Pride. Molly makes a journal post about Back to the Future coming to Netflix soon. Sue shows new X-Factor recruit, Hope around the office.

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