Malachi Hark

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Malachi Hark
Portrayed by Graham Abbey
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Esther Morrow
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: The Magnificent Seven

Malachi Hark was trained in the Askani tradition by Esther Morrow and now works as a courier of sensitive information.


Name: Malachi Hark

Aliases: None known

Occupation: Courier

First appearance: The Magnificent Seven

Family: None known


Malachi Hark first came to the attention of the X-Men while serving as a courier, delivering a message from the Taygetos program to Sebastian Shaw, or rather, Shaw's Black Knight, John Lense. He claimed to be a third-party operative, uninvolved with Taygetos, and after delivering his information, departed. However, Manuel de la Rocha was able to establish that Hark did not want to be there, and in fact had a great deal of distaste for the Hellfire Club. Adrienne Frost, by reading his watch with her psychometry, also established that Hark had, in the past, been connected to Esther Morrow.

This was confirmed when Hark, along with Irene Merryweather and other, unknown allies, was responsible for rescuing Nathan from an attempted kidnapping by Tara Trask. He revealed that he had made a promise to Nathan's mother, one he was violating by intervening directly in Nathan's life.


Hark has a minor psionic mutation that clouds everything but his surface-level thoughts, something which he claimed to John Lense made him uniquely suited to act as a courier in sensitive matters. How resistant he would be to concentrated telepathic scanning has not yet been established.


The Magnificent Seven



PB: Graham Abbey

Socked by: Formerly socked by Alicia