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The Marauders - deceased
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases: Scalphunter, Vertigo, Scrambler, Harpoon, Arclight,
Affiliations: Nathaniel Essex
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Introduction: Marauders (plot)

Cloned by Nathaniel Essex from members of a military special operations unit known as the Marauders, this group of super-powered killers has little in common with their source material.

First Appearance

June 2004


A limited mechnokinetic and leader of the Marauders. Scalphunter is an expert with any kind of firearm, and can literally reassemble and modify any element of a gun at will. He regularly carries several weapons, attachments and ammunition and changes their configurations to suit the situation. His weapons are only useable by him. A clone of Major Greycrow.

PB: Wes Studi

Vertigo Generates waves of vertigo, distorting a person's balance and inducing nausea, dizziness and disorientation. First version clone slain by Marrow.

PB: Stock photo

Scrambler Has the ability to 'scramble' the mutant powers of others with a touch. First version clone slain by Marrow.

PB: Daniel Dae Kim.

Harpoon Able to charge objects with kinetic energy, which then explodes, similar to Gambit. He carries a number of metal spears for this purpose. First version clone slain by Marrow.

PB: Yves Sioui Durand

Arclight Able to generate shockwaves with the impact of her hands against each other or an object.

PB: Omahyra Mota

Has the ability to spin his body at an incredibly fast rate and produce powerful whirlwinds.

PB: Álex González


The new Marauders are actually clones of the original Marauders, engineered by Nathaniel Essex as part of his continuing experiments. These clones possess the same powers as the originals (and ironically fewer side effects) however the cloning process is extremely long and the personality and mental conditioning is very unstable.

The Marauders have been built out of the existing personalities of the originals, but with significant alterations. Their more extreme elements have been accentuated, and most humanizing influences removed. The Marauders are uniformly cruel and brutal, caring for nothing but their orders from Essex and what sadism they can cause in following them.

The first versions had been hidden in the Morlock Tunnels, only to run afoul of the X-Men and Marrow unexpectedly when Marrow was given information as to the location of the people who had killed her 'family'. Many were killed. The survivors from that encounter had started to show significant mental breakdown as their conditioning comes apart and died thereafter.

The series II versions were also cloned by Nathaniel Essex and were even more improved. They appeared in Genosha, where they faced members of the X-Men and New Mutants in the Genenigeer's mutate labs. These second versions, including Riptide, disappeared in a fire blast that destroyed the mutate labs and are presumed dead.

Essex will go on to clone a much much more advanced series III team of Marauders, of which Kwannon is the head.


Marauders (plot)

Onwards to Victory


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