Mariah Whitaker

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Mariah Whitaker
Portrayed by Stock photo
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Xavier Institute - powers student
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Aureus Canis

Mariah Whitaker is a fellow-student of Jennie's, and a reluctant powers student at Xavier's following a powers accident of the unusual kind.


Name: Mariah Whitaker

Aliases: none

Occupation: College student

First appearance: February 4, 2008

Family: Unknown.


Mariah Whittaker is a mutant from North Carolina who has the power to affect other's morphogenetic feilds. She's basically like Mondo, except her power projects out and she uses animals as her base. Normally she can just cause people to act like dogs. But when troubled or upset, her power "overloads" and she winds up turning people into dogs. This has only happened once before, to her cousin Lyle. She was able to change him back shortly therafter. Her family then felt it would be best she attend school somehere very far away.

Mariah ended up in New York, sharing a dance class with Jennie Stavros. She came to the attention of the school and Charles Xavier when, pushed by two of the bullying girls in the class, Mariah's powers went out of control and she turned the two girls into dogs. When Jennie was sent to talk to her and possibly bring her to the school, Jennie suffered the same fate. Mariah panicked and fled, taking the two dance class girls/dogs, while Jennie fled. Eventually tracked down to her family's cottage in North Carolina, Mariah was convinced to return to the school and undid what she had done. She now takes regular powers classes at the school.


Mariah can effect a person's morphogenic field, changing them into dogs.


Aureus Canis



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Formerly socked by Sil