Maynard Tiboldt

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Maynard Tiboldt
Portrayed by Toby Russ
Known Aliases: The Ringmaster
Affiliations: none
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen

“Ladies, you were amazing. The best. The best tonight, and the best they’ve ever seen. I can’t tell you what we’re going to be able to do in the future. I mean, seriously, with my talents as your manager, I’m going to-“

A low-level empath using his powers to boost his personal charm, Tiboldt is a crook operating in various entertainment arenas. He was arrested and is currently in The Vault awaiting trial.


Name: Maynard Tiboldt

Aliases: The Ringmaster

Affiliation: none

First appearance: X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen

Family: unknown


Maynard Tiboldt is a two-bit con man from an old circus family. His grandfather, Fritz, had been the last owner of the Tiboldt Circus, a former mainstay of the European scene. However, WWII had broken the circus and his grandfather had been forced to emigrate to the US, where he made a living as a travelling salesman. When Maynard’s father died when he was young, his grandfather essentially raised the boy, filling him with dreams of the grand Big Top they had once owned. He also schooled him in much of the lore and tricks of the trade.

As a young man, Maynard moved to Europe, but he was never willing to work for long under others, opting to strike out on his own. His sideshow was small and ill-viewed, and he had to turn to illegal means to keep it solvent. Eventually, his confidence games were discovered, and he had to depart Europe to avoid charges. In the US, he drifted from a number of occupations until finally finding some success with illegal fights and other attractions. With the return of roller derby to popularity, he saw a chance to capitalize on that and the growing mutant population.

Following the raid on the roller derby event by the FBI, Tiboldt was arrested and is awaiting trial.


Maynard is a mutant; a low level projecting empath and telepath that uses his powers to enhance his skills as a hypnotist and a barker. Crowds love him as an emcee live, although recordings of his patter reveal an awkward, unfunny and obnoxious routine without the help of his powers.


X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen


Socked by: Dex

PB: Toby Russ