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Dates run: September 5, 2009
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: Metastasis

"I wouldn't open that," Scott said, as the brick put his hands on the door handle. "You're not going to like what's in there."

Dr. Henry Pym involves Scott, Jean-Paul and Zanne, plus a team from SHIELD, in a mystery involving a killer liquid-metal-like substance with a mind.


Scott Summers, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Suzanne Chan

Dr. Henry Pym, Barbara Morse (agent of SHIELD)


September 5, 2009

Plot Summary

While visiting a music store in New York with Jean-Paul Beaubier, Scott Summers receives a call from Professor Xavier who informs him that his old acquaintance Doctor Pym has been in touch asking for help in the form of an escort to the mansion. Over the phone he uses the phrase 'new mutant threat', which has Scott and Jean-Paul agreeing to meet Pym at a hotel in the city to attempt to find out what is going on. Scott and Jean-Paul meet Zanne at the hotel, where they find a SHIELD team rather than Pym.

One of the SHIELD agents, Royce, cuts himself on a canister he finds in the fridge, which envelops his arm and makes him shoot two agents before he bolts and sends the X-Men chasing after him, leaving Agent Morse to call for help for her two downed men. In the subway they find chaos in the wake of Royce's attacks and pursue him deeper underground to a poorly equipped lab structure.

Inside, the SHIELD officer is lying unconscious on the floor in front of a refrigeration unit, bleeding profusely from lacerations to his hand and arm. The door to the unit is visibly damaged. They move him to a nearby table to try and tend his injuries, then open the refrigeration unit. Inside is a mass of the same yellowish metal. It looks organic, and everything else inside the unit - shelves, other equipment, samples - is wrapped in metallic 'spiderwebs'. The mass reacts aggressively to the open door, and while Scott's blast has little effect on it, Zanne's freeze does, allowing them to get the door closed again.

Zanne traps the metal thing that had attached itself to Royce in a freeze and when Scott links with the Professor he is informed that the metal thing has a mind. It may be a mutant. Zanne uses a retrocognitive projection to discover that the thing killed men at the lab when they took it out of its container and that Pym was involved in getting it contained again.

Agent Morse of SHIELD arrives to play clean up, but four mutants arrive shortly after and use pyrokinetics to kill the metal being- which they inform the X-Men is not a person, only a 'copy'- before the X-Men and SHIELD attack them and Morse can make some arrests.

Later in the evening, Scott, Zanne, and Jean-Paul go to Harry's, where they get drunk and lament over SHIELD's lack of information for them, the treatment of the creature, and the fact that the thing was apparently only a copy and thus the mystery remains unsolved.

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Pym managed to escape during the chaos and his location is again unknown.