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Father Michael Wahler
Portrayed by Richard Briers
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Kurt Sefton
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: September 11, 2007

Kurt Sefton's friend, confidante and confessor since childhood, Father Wahler is the man who converted him to Catholicism. Increasingly frail, he continues to be an important touchstone in Kurt's life.


Name: Father Michael Wahler

Aliases: None

Occupation: Catholic priest.

First appearance: September 11, 2007

Family: None known.


Father Michael didn't know, when he found a wet and bedraggled blue-skinned 12-year-old boy taking shelter in his confessional, that it was the beginning of a friendship to last as long as they both lived. They've been in contact ever since that meeting, and the good Father may be the closest friend Kurt has.

He hasn't always approved of some of his young protege's choices, notably the decision to start cutting himself to expiate his guilt, but he'll never turn his back on Kurt. He's an unfailingly kind man, as shown by his willingness and ability to look past Kurt's blue skin and demonic appearance and see the unhappy child underneath (and treat him accordingly) when they first met.


None - baseline human.


Phase 1

Im Odenwald

Phase 2


PB: Richard Briers

Socked by: Rossi