Miguel Torres

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Miguel Torres
Portrayed by Francis Capra
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Angelo Espinosa
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: October 17, 2004

Miguel Torres was once a friend of Angelo Espinosa, in Los Angeles, but was among the young men who turned against and nearly killed him when Angelo manifested as a mutant. Injured rescuing his sister from an anti-mutant group, Miguel is now largely bedridden.


Name: Miguel Torres

Aliases: None known.

Occupation: Former petty criminal.

First appearance: October 17, 2004

Family: Unnamed parents (deceased), Alejandra Torres (sister).


Not much is known about Miguel's life, except that he grew up with Angelo Espinosa in LA, and therefore his childhood and adolescence can be assumed to have been in urban poverty, and probably equally violent. He has a younger sister (by a little less than a year), Alejandra, who he adores, and they have been each other's protectors for as long as either can remember.

Growing up, Miguel and his group of friends (including Angelo) were very close-knit, and Miguel raised no objections when Angelo and Alejandra began dating aged fifteen (only just, in Alejandra's case). However, this was to come to an explosive end when Angelo manifested as a mutant among mutant-haters, which almost led to his death at the gang's hands. Alejandra witnessed this, which Angelo is to date unaware of, and believed he was dead until 2004 when her brother told her otherwise.

Miguel and Angelo saw each other again in October 2004, when Angelo returned to LA to intervene in the gang's sabotage of a local building project. Miguel, while not really softening towards his former friend, did seem at least willing to hear him out, though without explaining his change in attitude.

The next contact between them was when Miguel called Angelo asking for help, sparking off the events of Turf War. As a result, he and his sister are now living in New York, where Angelo's mother helped him find work. When Alejandra became involved in a local mutant drop-in center and the center was then targeted by a mutant hate group called the Church of Humanity, Miguel insisted on acting as her bodyguard. An attack and abduction of Alejandra and Professor Christopher Lee, sponsor of the Center, led Miguel to seek help from Angelo and a bloody confrontation with the group in the Morlock Tunnels. Seeing his sister being crucified, Miguel charged into the fray and was shot twice in the chest. He survived thanks to the intervention of Amanda's healing spell, but his condition was serious enough to have permanent repercussions. This wasn't helped by the Apocalypse incident, where he and Alejandra were separated and Miguel was forced to go out alone on foot. He managed to find Angelo, who was with the X-Men, which saved his life.

In August 2012, Miguel's condition worsened, so he and Alejandra moved to Cleveland, home of the number-one heart hospital in the country.


None - baseline human.


Casa Dulce Casa

Turf War

These Earthly Things

Day Zero


PB: Francis Capra

Socked by: Twiller

Formerly socked by Kate and Azzy