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Mutant Chronicle - Newspaper
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First Seen: November 29, 2015


Following M-Day, Angelica Jones began keeping a close eye on the media when she realized how little mutant-positive (or even mutant-accurate) things were being put on the air. There was also nothing about the various mutant hate crimes everyone knew was happening. Disturbed by this, Angel set out with a new project - to create a mutant-friendly newspaper that would report facts and try to put a more positive spin on the mutant community. She recruited several mansion residents to help her, as well as getting someone to invest in her project. The paper is distributed once every couple of weeks by being left in various locations around New York City and Salem Center (mostly under Angel's own power).


Angelica Jones - Founder, Photographer

Miles Morales - Social Media Expert

John Allerdyce - Columnist

Jean-Phillipe Colbert - Staff Writer

Doug Ramsey, Susan Storm - Technology Experts

Wade Wilson - Investor

Rogue - Cartoonist

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Introduced by: Sam (player)

The "paper" can be found on x-newscast