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Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Limbo
Socked By: None
Introduction: Our Hell

Once a minor demon in Limbo, N'Astirh staged a coup and gained control of the dimension during Illyana Rasputin's absence.


Name: N'Astirh

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Limbo

First appearance: March 26, 2007 (flashback)

Family: None


Very little is known about N'astirh, save that he was a demon in Limbo, subservient to Belasco. After Illyana Rasputin returned to Earth and spent less and less time in Limbo, he gathered power, eventually leading a coup and seizing control of Limbo.


The extent of N'astirh's powers are unknown, although he was able to oust Illyana Rasputin from her position as ruler of Limbo, thus it can be assumed that he possesses a great amount of arcane power. This power is likely to be enhanced by his position as ruler of that realm.


Our Hell


Socked by:

Formerly Socked by: Lauren

PB: None