Papa Don't Preach

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Papa Don't Preach
Dates run: January 12-15, 2009
Run By: Cat
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Did you try the door?

Clarice and Callie find themselves in a rather unusual and unexpected situation in Milan.


Clarice Ferguson, Callie Betto

Cyclops, M Wasp, Sunfire

Gli Altri, Giancarlo Betto


January 12-15, 2009

Plot Summary

Deciding that a vacation was in order, Clarice decides to take a trip to Milan, where Callie is once more living now that her father has decided to withdraw her from school. After a day of shopping, the girls head to on of the mutant friendly discos in the city. Their intentions to dance the night away are cut short when a pipe bomb explodes, causing mass chaos. In the impending stampede for the door, Clarice falls and hits her head, dragging Callie down as well.

The next day, the mansion receives a call from Giancarlo Betto, inquiring if his daughter and Clarice had ended up in New York somehow. The GPS tracking devices are activated, and the location of the phones is revealed, but there is no response when called. Fearing the worse (for there had never been a situation where Clarice could not teleport herself away), Scott assembles a team and sets a course for Milan. Once there, the team tracks down the phones to the club, but find no other trace of the girls.

Meanwhile, Callie wakes to find herself in an unfamiliar setting, her body aching from the event at the club. She fades in and out of consciousness, but before doing so manages to catch a few seconds of conversation. She learns that there is a plan to keep Clarice and she there for their protection, with the unwanted side effect of marriage. No further thought of this is given until Callie wakes up the second time. The prospect of this moves her to wake up Clarice, and after explaining what was to come, the girls use their escape artist skills to leave through the front door.

After leaving the compound, the girls walk and manage to find a petrol station, where they call the police. They explain their story, and are escorted back to Callie's father's house. Before doing so however, the police take them back to where Clarice and Callie had been and discover that the group responsible, a mutant fringe group called Gli Altri, had meant no harm to the girls. Instead their desire was to protect these two young visible mutants from the world of prejudice and hatred against them, and the only way they thought of to do this was by having the young girls marry in. Finding nothing harmful had happened, the girls are returned to an anxious Giancarlo Betto and Scott Summers in the wee hours of the morning.

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As a result of this plot Callie ended up returning to the school after a fight with her father on the subject. Clarice also decided to give up men for a while and try women, that didn't last long.


Plotrunner: Cat