Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost
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Dates run: September 14-16, 2015
Run By: Amanda (player)
Read the logs: Paradise Lost

"But where mutants are in danger, I would seek an agreement between the Courts to consider a greater level of cooperation."

The Hellfire Club is dead. Long live the Hellfire Club!


Emma Frost, Adrienne Frost, Doug Ramsey, Julian Keller

Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Anna Delise, Arthur Coleman.


September 14-16, 2015

Plot Summary

Summoned to an emergency meeting with Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire Club, Emma was shocked to learn of the death in custody of the Black Rook, Friedrich Van Roehm. Arrested when his image inducer failed and his appearance incited panic, Van Roehm had promptly informed the police who he was and to which Club he belonged, usually a 'get out of jail free with a grand apology' card. In the post M-Day world, however, his mutant status had trumped his connections, and Van Roehm was put in general population, where he was beaten to death by his anti-mutant cellmates.

Calling in her own Court, Emma and Adrienne went to the police station in question, where Adrienne Read the evidence in the evidence locker and confirmed the story and the identities of those involved. Julian, armed with statements and the CCTV footage of the incident, met with Shaw's lawyers to provide them with the means to pursue legal action against the police.

The incident itself taken case of, both White and Black Courts - such as they were post M-Day - met to discuss the Club's future. A restructuring was proposed as well as a cessation of hostilities between the Courts, at least where the well-being of mutants was involved. Reluctant, but seeing the Club was doomed to become a kinky social club otherwise, Shaw agreed.

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The prisoners involved in the beating of the Black Rook died in a prison riot. The police officers who had encouraged and allowed the murder to happen were jailed, but Shaw's implications were they wouldn't have long to live.

Adrienne suffered a conflict of morals as she realised she was aiding and abetting the Black Court in the murder of those involved, especially given she was dating an FBI special agent.


Plotrunner: Amanda (player)

This plot was devised to reflect the changes in the gameworld in Phase 2 and give players a wider chance to be involved with the HFC.