Pas de Trois

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Pas de Trois
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Dates run: April 18-July 25, 2009
Run By: Ryan
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"Dancing," Esme said, as if reciting something, "punch, fancy dresses, boys in suits, music. And now looking at the stars. We did research, you know." She gave him a very thoughtful look. "There's one thing missing."

A favor asked with good intent, opens the doors to disaster for one young couple; forming a prom night love-triangle of betrayal.


Angelica Jones, Forge, Manuel de la Rocha, John Allerdyce, Julian Keller, Jean Grey

Esme Stepford


April 18-July 25, 2009

Plot Summary

Julian Keller was approached by Manuel de la Rocha about taking Esme Stepford (who had been depressed) to the prom instead of Angel. After Julian declined, Manuel sought out Angelica Jones to get her approval. She agreed on two conditions, the first being that he arranged another date for her and the second that he owed her a favor of her choosing. The next day, Julian discovered that he would be taking Esme to prom. Within the next couple days he asked the Stepford Sister out - she quickly agreed to the date.

When prom finally arrived, everyone had a wonderful night. Unfortunately, Esme had other deisgns for her date with Julian than being "Just Friends." While alone on the balcony, Esme asked Julian for her first kiss. Not wanting to upset Angel - though he was curious - he declined. Upset herself, Esme overwhelmed Keller with a telepathic suggestion and the two shared a kiss under the starry sky.

It was, of course, at this point Angelica came outside looking for Julian. After seeing him kissing the telepath, Angel ran back inside. After a moment, Julian broke free from her hold and ran after his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, only to have her stomp on his foot and take off into the night sky. Heartbroken and confused, Julian returned to his room to sulk.

Meanwhile, Angel landed in a tree, her prom dress burned off by the sudden ignition and caught the attention of one passing X-man, Forge. After a brief talk, he lent her his coat and helped her back inside.

The next morning, Julian brought flowers and chocolates to Angel, but she wouldn't open the door for him. The couple seemed all but broken up. Not wanting to further upset her, Julian left the roses and treats outside her door...they were later incinerated.

That night, Julian turned to a bottle of Captain Morgan he'd acquired earlier in the week to drown his troubles away- ignoring his roommate's advice. Drunk, he passed out on the fliers platform, only to be discovered the next morning by Doreen Green, who assisted him on getting back into the mansion. Shortly thereafter, Callie Betto cornered him and the two made up from their fight earlier in the week. On his way to watch action movies with Callie, Julian was confronted by Kyle Gibney - who threatened to throw him in the lake. Feeling guilty and still unsure of what happened, Julian helped him out by throwing himself in.

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It was the second year in a row that Forge found his Prom night plans interrupted by student drama - the previous year was Laurie Collins after a powers interaction with Manuel de la Rocha.


The name "Pas de Trois" was thought up by Callie Betto's player, Cat.

This was converted to a plot from event by Ryan, but the concept was originally created by Andrea. Working with Alicia and Jen, the four of them created Pas de Trois.

Plotrunner: Ryan