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Clarence Donnally - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: Patches
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: March 5, 2004

"I am a businessman. No job too small, provided there's enough in it for me. An' I go where the business goes."

A dealer in things occult, Patches made one deal too many and was taught a final, fatal lesson by Pete Wisdom.


Name: Clarence Donnally (dec)

Aliases: Patches

Affiliation: none

First appearance: March 5, 2004

Family: unknown


Patches was the alias of a black market magic dealer; anything anyone wanted in the way of the occult, he could provide, for the right fee. He did most of his business online and used chatrooms, message boards and the like to find new customers and make arrangements. He prided himself on being a businessman and had a particular kind of honour - a deal was a deal, after all. Cross him, however, and things changed.

In March 2004 he was contracted by Amanda Sefton in order to supply her magic addiction, payments usually being made in blood. She dropped contact with him once the addiction was discovered and treated, but he provided Rack with the blood she had paid him with; Rack used the blood to track her down and used Patches to deliver a message to her in LA.

Following the attack on Moira and Nathan at Muir Island, Amanda again sought out Patches in order to acquire the Orb of Fortis, a powerful magic artifact which she intended to use to power healing spells. Words (and spells) were exchanged, ending with Patches being blasted into a pile of garbage. He swore revenge and when Jubilee started researching Amanda's scarring on the Internet, he tricked her into believing the scars were an augmentation spell done by Amanda herself. Jubilee paid for the information in blood. Patches then used the blood to raise the Repodemon. Pete tracked Patches down, with Jubilee in tow to teach her what she'd gotten into, and cut off the man's hand with his powers as a warning about messing with his family in future.

In June 2005, after Pete had joined the Hellfire Club, Patches, believing Pete had abandoned his family loyalties, kidnapped Meggan Szardos whilst she was in the park with Amanda. Pete intercepted Patches and the Hellfire Club people sent to collect Meggan, and killed the black magic dealer in retaliation.


Patches was believed to have no actual power himself, however he had more than enough connections to obtain whatever magic he needed. He dealt specifically in magical artifacts and had the connections to get pretty much anything.


Daddy's Girl


Little Girl Lost


Socked by: Rossi