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To use this form, go into "Edit", copy and then paste into a word-processing document in order to fill it out. Then follow an outstanding link with your plot's name and post. For further questions, consult the Wiki FAQ, or contact the Mods.

Images should not be larger than 200 x 250 pxls to avoid breaking the infobox.

{{Plot In Progress}} {{Phase2}}

Dates run:
Run By:
Read the logs:

Quote from the plot

Brief teaser.


This should be the characters directly involved with the bulk of the action.

List of character links, separated with commas - [[Character A]], [[Character B]] etc.

List of NPC/Villain links.


Piped link to monthly summary page for the appropriate month, visible link to include the full dates Eg: [[August 2004| August 23-30, 2004]]

Plot Summary

Summary of the events of the plot. Include links to supporting characters, locations, other plots. Remember, only link to something once per page, so no need to link to characters listed as Cast.

Related Links

Links to things/concepts/locations that arose for the first time in the game during the plot. Eg. The Neutraliser, Nova Roma, etc.

External Links

Link to x_logs tag for that plot

If the plot has vital links in other pages ( eg. x_team, personal journals), include these here.

Trivia and Meta


IC notes stemming from the plot. Eg: "As a result of this Character A developed a crippling fear of ottomans".


Plotrunner: Link to the player if a current one, give the name/livejournal link of a previous player.

Links to comic/movie/etc influences on the plot (if any), or other OOC notes that are important to the plot. Eg: With Malice Aforethought is a reworking of two Marvel plotlines - Malice and Forge's Neutraliser.

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