Race Around The World

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Race Around The World
Dates run: August 6-14, 2006
Run By: Rossi
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Powers-wise... yup, was right about the old. Really old. Tastes like chicken, sort of... bland? Must be all the constraints. I wonder if some of the other Chinese cities would be different? And Tiananmen Square gave me a headache. Just a little one. Governments shouldn't try and kill their own people - it messes with the energy of the place.

Doug Ramsey and Amanda Sefton combine work and powers training when they do a whirlwind tour of the world to test a theory.


Amanda Sefton, Doug Ramsey


August 6-14, 2006

Plot Summary

Doug, Amanda and Marie-Ange Colbert, had been working together and separately to figure out what energy it was Amanda's mutant powers are absorbing. Doug came up with a theory that it was urban centres that were somehow triggering her.

Amanda and Doug visited several cities spread across four continents to test her reactions to those cities. At the same time, they were performing courier/contact duties for Remy LeBeau, liaising with the New Orleans Guilds| various overseas Guild networks following Drop of Nightshade No danger, but requiring a certain degree of tact and subtlety as well as not compromising or backing down.

Cities: Beijing, Sydney, Madrid, Paris, Johannesburg and Cairo. Amanda felt a 'charge' from all of these places, although to different degrees - Sydney, for example, was fairly mild compared to Cairo, but still registered a charge because it is an important centre in Australia, with elements of the Dreaming and various immigrant cultures tied in. In Beijing, whilst visiting Tianneman Square, Amanda felt the 'wrongness' of the events that occurred there, albeit not as strongly as she felt San Diego - comparative city trauma.

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Whilst in Europe, Amanda and Doug went on a date in order for him to show her what a date really was. They decided that things were too complicated for them to be anything but friends.


Plotrunner: Rossi